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China’s position regarding the anniversary of “Nakbat Day”

In the middle of the Zionist regime's war against Gaza, China's foreign ministry announced its position on the anniversary of the "Nakbat Day" in which the Palestinian land was occupied.
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According to the report of Tasnim news international group, Wang Wenbin The spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said today about the 76th anniversary of “Nakbat Day” and the current situation in Gaza, where 35,000 people were martyred, that 76 years ago, more than half of the Palestinian population fled their homes during the 1948 war. They were expelled.

He pointed out that many of them and their children sought refuge in the Gaza Strip, adding that the historical injustice endured by the Palestinian people has not been healed, but worse.

Wang Wenbin, referring to the Zionist regime’s intention to encroach on the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, emphasized that China will strongly cooperate with the expansion of the war. It is against the collective welfare and punishment of the people in Gaza. The anniversary of the occupation of Palestine

The spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry pointed out: We support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, which includes full sovereignty based on the 1967 borders and with Jerusalem as its capital. We support We also support Palestine becoming a full member of the United Nations.

He also explained: China will cooperate with the international community to promote an early settlement. A comprehensive, just and sustainable Palestinian issue, ending the Nakba once and for all, and realizing peaceful coexistence between Israel and Palestine, as well as harmony between Arab countries and the Jewish people, will continue.

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