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The United States gave the green light to Saudi Arabia to continue the peace talks in Yemen

The Guardian newspaper reported that the United States of America has given the green light to Saudi Arabia to continue the peace talks in Yemen.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Guardian newspaper This Wednesday reported: The determination of the United States to keep Saudi Arabia in the peace process with Israel has prompted Washington to give an unofficial green light to Riyadh to try to revive the peace agreement with Ansarullah.

The UN’s proposed road map for Yemen peace was agreed upon in early December, but was immediately halted as the Yemeni armed forces escalated attacks in the Red Sea in solidarity with Palestine.

Now it seems that Saudi Arabia wants to continue the roadmap with the support of Hans Grundberg, the UN special envoy for Yemen affairs.

Grundberg told the resigned Yemeni government in a meeting on Monday that the peace talks should continue.

He claimed that he told Ansarullah that in If the Red Sea attacks continue, the roadmap cannot be signed.

Grundberg later told the UN Security Council that despite the conflicts, a peaceful and just solution is still possible. .

Iran’s welcome to the progress achieved in the Yemen peace negotiations process

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