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Security incident for Israeli forces in northern Gaza

Hebrew-language media reported a serious security incident for the forces of the 98th Division of the Zionist Army in northern Gaza.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the Hebrew news site “Hadshut Bezman” emphasized that Currently, a helicopter has landed at Shaari Tsidek hospital in occupied Jerusalem and 6 ambulances are also waiting.

Israeli sources emphasized that a number of hospitals were on standby to receive the wounded and dead.

BBC analysts acknowledge that Israel is sinking into the Gaza swamp!

There are several Israeli ambulances waiting at Shaari Tsidek Hospital in occupied Jerusalem.

Hebrew-speaking sources announced that a serious security incident happened to the Israeli occupying forces in the Jabalia camp in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Images of ambulances lining up to transport the wounded and possible dead of the Israeli army were published.

Israeli media reports that 5 army paratroopers were killed in Gaza.

15 people were injured as a result of rocket fire at Israeli army forces in northern Gaza. 9 of them are in critical condition.
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