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Ben Goyer and Smotrich demanded Gallant’s dismissal

Following the disputes, the Zionist officials, the ministers of internal security and finance of the Zionist regime demanded the dismissal of the minister of war of this regime.

report Mehr News Agency quoted Al Jazeera, in the continuation of the differences between the Zionist authorities and their reaction to the words of Yoaf Minister of War Gallant The Zionist regime, Itmar bin Guer the radical minister of internal security and Betseil Smotrich the radical finance minister of this regime demanded the removal of Gallant.

Ben Guer said in this regard that in order to achieve the goals of the war, the Minister of War of the Zionist regime must be replaced. be.

Smotrich also asked Netanyahu to give Gallant the option of implementing cabinet policies. The Zionist regime and resignation should choose one.

The hard-line finance minister of the Zionist regime said: I ask Netanyahu to immediately issue an order to prevent the self-governing organizations from playing any role in the Gaza Strip.

It should be said that a little while ago Gallant stated: My efforts to start a discussion about the administration of Gaza after the war met with a response from Netanyahu’s cabinet Neshd. He added: We must find a civilian alternative to Hamas on the condition that it is not hostile to us.

Gallant said: I ask the prime minister to announce that Israel will not dominate the Gaza Strip from a civilian point of view and that an alternative to Hamas will be found.

He continued: I asked for an alternative to the control of Hamas, but my request was not accepted. This means military rule in the Gaza Strip; Something I disagree with.


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