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Bombing of northern Iraq by Türkiye

Today, Turkey violated the territorial integrity of Baghdad and announced that it has targeted the positions of PKK terrorists in Iraq.

reported Mehr news agency quoted by Anatolia news agency, the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey announced this Wednesday in a statement about the bombing of Kharkiv and Gara region in northern Iraq by this country.

The Ministry of Defense of Turkey announced in this connection that PKK positions were targeted during the said airstrike.

News sources added that 12 terrorists were killed in this incident.

In the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Turkey, it was added that the armed forces of this country continue to fight effectively and decisively against terrorists without interruption in order to eradicate terrorism in the bud. .

At this time, in recent years, under the pretext of fighting PKK terrorists, Turkey has violated the United Nations Charter on the necessity of not violating the territorial integrity of an independent country, without obtaining permission from Baghdad many times. has invaded the territory of Iraq; An action that has also brought Iraq’s protest.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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