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Haniyeh: Decline and destruction of the occupying regime is certain

The head of the political office of Hamas said: "The brave men of the resistance proved that the decline and destruction of the occupying regime is certain."
– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency quoting from the Palestinian Information Center, Ismail Haniyeh The political office of Hamas noted: The brave men of the resistance proved that the decline and destruction of the occupying regime is certain.

You can read the important points of Haniyeh’s words below:

The brave men of the resistance proved that the decline and destruction The occupying regime is a definite Quranic matter and a historical fact.

The Palestinian issue is present in the minds of the Palestinian nation and all the free people of the world.

The Zionist enemy is still in an existential crisis and for survival And staying is a struggle.

The Palestinian nation defeated all the sinister plans to destroy the Palestinian cause.
The residents of the West Bank of Jerusalem resisted and persisted against the attempts to Judaize and destroy the Palestinian cause.

Generations of the Palestinian people realized that the right of return is irrevocable and waived.

The enemy’s invincible army was defeated in Gaza and collapsed under the blows of resistance.

The whole world saw the true face of the Zionist criminal enemy, which has a history full of crimes.

Resistance throughout the Gaza Strip shows the honor and greatness of the nation and the nation.

Resistance groups They continue to cause casualties to the enemy after months of war.

The Hamas movement interacted in a completely positive way during the negotiations to reach a ceasefire in Gaza.

The occupying regime agreed with our proposed plan. responded to the ceasefire by attacking Rafah and the northern regions.

Hamas continues to try to reach a ceasefire agreement by all possible means.

Resistance in the eighth month of the war despite The imbalance of power in all the axes of the conflict in Gaza inflicts heavy blows on the enemy.

The enemy’s accommodation and insistence on the occupation of Rafah move the negotiations in an uncertain direction.

Reforms The enemy brought the negotiations to a dead end on the recent proposed plan.

We continue to try for a ceasefire with the resistance groups in Gaza.

We are with our Egyptian brothers on the need to withdraw the occupation forces from We agree on the Rafah crossing and all areas of the Gaza Strip.

The position of the United States is to continue to side with and politically support the enemy and to cover up the genocide in Gaza.

Hamas and the Qassam Brigades have emerged. Stay.

The day after the war in Gaza will be according to the interests of the Palestinian people.

Hamas and other Palestinian groups will decide about the day after the war.

We emphasize the necessity of the immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Rafah crossing and the occupying regime has no right to manage this crossing.

We are sure that the Zionist enemy will be defeated no matter how much time passes.

The free nation of Palestine must stand up in all fields and intensify the confrontation with the enemy to stop the cruel war.

We must stand in solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinian nation in all fields and fields Stand up.

We will try to expose the crimes of the Zionist enemy against the Palestinian prisoners.

The Zionist enemy is committing all kinds of crimes and executions in all its secret detention centers and prisons. The Palestinian nation has committed.

The axes of resistance in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Iran created golden epics.

We appreciate all the efforts made to stop the war against the Palestinian nation.

We say to the Palestinian prisoners that with the help of God, the Al-Aqsa storm will bring you freedom.

Gaza has become a model for the youth of the world in every movement and action.


The uprising and intifada of students around the world in support of Palestine is unprecedented in history.

The Al-Aqsa storm and the resistance and stability of the Palestinian people forced the representative of the occupying regime to raise the image of Yahya Sanwar in the United Nations. We sympathize with the positions of all parties in support of the Palestinian nation and its right to freedom, return and independence, and to stop the war against Gaza, especially Turkey’s decisions to stop trade relations with the occupation regime and join the case. The complaint against this regime in the Hague Court and the position of Egypt and Libya regarding joining this case.

Turkish Foreign Minister’s telephone conversation with Blinken and Ismail Haniyeh
Haniyeh’s conversation regarding the latest developments in Gaza with the Prime Minister of Malaysia Turkish intelligence met with Haniyeh

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