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Meeting of the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad

A delegation of the leaders of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad met with each other.
– International news

According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, citing the Palestine Information Center, the Hamas delegation consisting of From Dr. Khalil al-Hiya, the deputy head of the political office of this movement in Gaza, and Mohammad Nasr and Osama Hamdan were among the leaders of this movement.

During this meeting, the latest field and political developments in Palestine were discussed, and the parties praised the stability and stability of the Palestinian nation in confronting the Zionist enemy in the Battle of Storm Al-Aqsa and supporting the resistance.

They emphasized that the option of the Palestinian nation is to continue the struggle to realize the goal of freedom and return.

The two sides also discussed the efforts made to stop the war against Gaza and the deadlock in negotiations due to obstacles and stubbornness. The Zionist enemy and America’s support for this regime discussed. The delegations of Hamas and Islamic Jihad also praised the role of the support fronts in Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq in supporting Gaza.

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