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20 Zionist soldiers were killed and wounded in the resistance ambush in the battle of Jabalia

On the 76th anniversary of the Nakbat, the Zionist media reported that another number of its soldiers were killed and wounded in the northern Gaza Strip in the face of the resistance groups.

reported by Mehr News Agency, 78th anniversary of “Nakba Day” is a full day for the occupiers It was from failure and defeat; On this day, the Mujahideen of the Palestinian resistance were able to destroy a number of soldiers of the so-called “invincible” army of this so-called “invincible” regime.

In this connection, the English Sky News Arabic base on Wednesday night quoted the Zionist media about the heavy losses of the occupying army in the battle with the Palestinian resistance groups in the clashes in the camp Jabaliya announced in northern Palestine.

According to the report of this English media, in a situation where the scope of the conflicts between the resistance and the occupation has escalated during the past week until now, the Zionist military had a bloody day against the resistance fighters with 5 deaths. and experienced 15 injuries.

Sky News, quoting the media of the Zionist regime, reported that 15 soldiers were injured after rockets were fired at the army forces of this regime in northern Gaza, 9 of them were reported to be in critical condition. .

Also, the Hebrew language base “Hadshut Bazaman” reported that a serious incident happened to the soldiers of the Zionist regime. And probably five of them have been killed.

In this connection, the pictures published by the Zionist regime media show that a number of wounded Zionist soldiers are being transported by this regime’s helicopters, and ambulances are also ready to transport the wounded to centers in the areas bordering Gaza. are therapeutic.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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