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Gallant: Israel’s rule in Gaza will be accompanied by blood

The war minister of the Israeli occupying regime, Yoav Galant, said that this regime should not have any role in the management of Gaza after the war.
– International News

According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, the Minister of War of the occupying regime of Israel Yoaz Galant said in a speech that Israel should not rule in Gaza after the war, and ruling over Gaza will be a dangerous move for Israel and accompanied by bloodshed. According to Anatolia news agency, he said in a video: “I repeat once again that with the establishment of a military government Israelis in Gaza do not agree; Also, the formation of a civilian government is not allowed in Gaza. The responsibility of destroying Hamas and maintaining complete freedom of military action rests with the Ministry of Defense and the Israeli army, and this issue depends on finding an alternative to Hamas in Gaza, which is the responsibility of the Israeli government and affiliated organizations. Gallant claimed that the formation of a government aligned with Israel in Gaza can ensure the security of this regime for decades to come.

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The Minister of War of Israel further asked Netanyahu to clearly state that Israel does not intend to rule Gaza either militarily or civilian, and there should be a plan to replace Hamas in Gallant added: “This is a responsibility on our shoulders and difficult decisions must be made for the future of Israel, and national priorities must take precedence over all other matters.” In this regard, four American officials told the Politico website yesterday that the government of this country has reached the conclusion for several months that Israel is not capable of completely defeating Hamas in Gaza.

Two American officials also The website was told that Israel had won “major tactical victories” in Gaza; But it has no plan to manage Gaza after the war. “/>


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