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Hezbollah’s drone penetrated into the Zionist military base

The Zionist regime TV announced the infiltration of a Lebanese Hezbollah drone into a military base west of Tiberias and its explosion.

report Mehr News Agency, citing Al Jazeera, the Zionist regime’s army admitted that last night, as a result of the explosion of one of Lebanon’s Hezbollah drones in the Golani region, located west of Tiberias, one of the military facilities was destroyed. The army of this regime is damaged.

The Zionist regime’s television also announced that this Lebanese Hezbollah drone exploded inside one of the military bases of the Zionist regime after infiltrating the Golani intersection.

According to the announcement of this Zionist media, the collision of this drone with the Zionist military security facilities at Golani intersection caused a fire and damage in this place.

Also, the media of the Zionist regime announced that the army of this regime has confirmed the occurrence of such an incident for the first time.

In addition, the explosion of a Hezbollah drone inside one of the military bases of the Zionist regime caused a reaction from the Zionist military. After this incident, the members of the Air Force of the Zionist regime spoke about the inability of this regime to confront Hezbollah.

Also, while pointing out the success of Hezbollah in attacking a strategic target deep in the occupied territories, the media of the Zionist regime pointed out the heavy failure of the air defense system of this regime.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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