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The Secretary General of the Arab League stressed the need to end Israel’s occupation in Palestine

While criticizing the political cover of the Zionist regime's allies for the continuation of crimes in the Gaza Strip, Ahmed Abul Ghait emphasized his opposition to any forced displacement of Palestinians.

reported by Mehr News Agency quoted by Al Arabiya, the Secretary General of the Arab League called on the international community, especially the allies of the Zionist regime, to hold an international peace conference with the aim of saving the future of the people of the region.

“Ahmed Abul Ghait” while speaking at the opening session of the 33rd meeting of the Arab League in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, while declaring his opposition to any attempt to forcibly relocate Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and said that these efforts are futile. : We want to move towards the future and not retreat to the disastrous past.

He stated that Israel continues to carry out ethnic cleansing in the Gaza Strip by using military power and weapons, and stated: A credible and irreversible path must be created for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. .

The Secretary General of the Arab League emphasized that Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip highlighted the importance of an immediate end to the occupation of Palestine.

Ahmad Abul Ghait also clarified that the allies of the Israeli regime provided political cover to continue the war in Gaza.


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