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brutality according to pictures; From the burning of mosques to the martyrdom of 15 thousand children!

Palestinian sources recently released a video of a mosque in the Gaza Strip being set on fire by Zionist soldiers and taking a souvenir photo in it.

reportedوحشی‌گری به روایت تصاویر؛ از آتش زدن مساجد تا شهادت ۱۵ هزار کودک!

This is despite the fact that the crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip have continued continuously for the past two hundred and forty-eight days, and a few days ago the Israeli army killed 274 in a catastrophic massacre. martyred a person in Al-Nusirat camp. In which nearly 700 other people were injured.

وحشی‌گری به روایت تصاویر؛ از آتش زدن مساجد تا شهادت ۱۵ هزار کودک!

The war crimes of the Zionist regime continue with the full support of the United States and Western governments in a situation where, according to statistics, 15,517 Palestinian children have been martyred as a result of the barbaric attacks of the occupiers on the Gaza Strip. span style=”text-align:justify”>and.

وحشی‌گری به روایت تصاویر؛ از آتش زدن مساجد تا شهادت ۱۵ هزار کودک!
One of the hundreds of bodies found in mass graves in the Gaza Strip

Palestine Ministry of Health issued a statement today, announcing that 40 people were martyred and 218 were injured in the last 24 hours of attacks by the Zionist regime army on the Gaza Strip. . The ministry announced that since the beginning of the war against Gaza on October 7, 37,124 Palestinians have been martyred and 84,712 people have been injured. More than 10,000 people are still missing and under the rubble, and relief groups are unable to reach them due to the lack of facilities and the ongoing war.


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