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Smotrich: Gantz and Eisenkot are responsible for the failure of October 7

In the continuation of the disputes between the Zionist regime officials, the hard-line finance minister of this regime held 2 resigned members of the Zionist regime's war cabinet responsible for the defeat of the Palestinian resistance on October 7th of this regime.

report Mehr News Agency quoted Al Jazeera, following the disputes between the officials of the Zionist regime, “Betseil Smotrich”, the hard-line finance minister of this regime, made statements.

In response to the resignation of “Benny Gantz” and “Gadi Eisengut” from the Israeli government’s war cabinet, the radical finance minister of the Zionist regime said: “The responsibility for the failure of October 7 lies with Gantz and Eysenkot is; Because these two people had occupied high-ranking positions in the past. We prevented the plan of Gantz and his supporters to establish a Palestinian state, because this issue is an existential threat to us.

The radical finance minister of the Zionist regime continued his statement and announced that most of the Zionist settlers are against the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Smotrich further added: “Currently there is only one plan, and that is the entry of self-governing organizations into the Gaza Strip.

A little while ago, “Itmar Ben Gower”, the hard-line minister of internal security of the Zionist regime, admitted in a speech: I have always wanted the explosion of Gaza and the execution of concentrated attacks.

Ben Goyer, referring to the resignation of “Benny Gantz” from the Zionist regime’s war cabinet and revealing the differences between the officials of this regime, said: “It is important that I join the war cabinet.” ominous The joining of Gantz’s party to the cabinet did not achieve the desired unity. Gantz’s departure from the cabinet is a great opportunity for progress and victory.


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