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The bombing of the residential areas of the Gaza Strip continues

The continuation of the bombing of the residential areas of the Gaza Strip and the call for a general strike in the West Bank in response to the crimes of the Zionist military are among the latest developments related to Palestine.

Mehr News, International Group: The brutal attacks of the Zionist regime’s fighters against the residential areas of the Gaza Strip continued this morning and left several martyrs and wounded.

The brutal bombing of residential areas in the Gaza Strip continues

Al-Mayadeen network reporter reported that the Zionist regime’s fighters bombed the houses of Palestinians in Al-Khalwadah area located in the center of the Gaza Strip this morning.

At least eight martyrs and wounded were left during the bombing of residential houses in this area.

بمباران مناطق مسکونی نوار غزه ادامه دارد

The Zionist regime fighters also bombarded the residential areas in the old area of ​​the El-Zitoun neighborhood in the east of Gaza City. These airstrikes left at least six martyrs, including several children and women.

Zionist soldiers also attacked the Nusirat camp located in the center of the Gaza Strip and shot at the residents of this camp.

The Zionist regime’s fighters also bombarded Beit Lahia, located in the north of the Gaza Strip. These airstrikes also covered Al-Tuffah neighborhood located in Gaza City.

General strike in the West Bank in response to the crime of the Zionist regime

On the other hand, national Islamic groups in the West Bank called for a general strike in this region in response to the Zionist regime’s crime in the village of Kafr Nameh.

According to this report, Zionist soldiers killed at least four Palestinians by raiding the village of Kafr Nameh, located in the west of Ramallah city.

National Islamic groups announced that they should react to this crime of the Zionist regime.

This general strike includes Ramallah and al-Bireh.

Tel Aviv’s claim about the release of prisoners is pure falsehood

On the other hand, a Hebrew-language newspaper emphasized that the Zionist regime cannot release its prisoners by exerting military pressure on the Palestinian resistance.

According to the Al-Mayadeen network, the Zionist newspaper Ha’aretz emphasized in a report: The passage of eight months of the war in the Gaza Strip shows that the Tel Aviv authorities claim to release Israeli prisoners with Using military pressure on Palestinian groups is a complete lie.

This newspaper further wrote: The extreme rightists should not be allowed to sacrifice the prisoners remaining with Hamas for their personal ambitions.

بمباران مناطق مسکونی نوار غزه ادامه دارد

Netanyahu’s anger against the “insolent” war minister / “Gallant should be fired”

At the same time, media reports are telling about the intensification of political differences among the officials of the Zionist regime over the approval of the army recruitment law.

According to the Al Jazeera network, the Zionist newspaper Yediot Aharonet reported that the approval of this law in the Zionist Parliament (Knesset) caused many debates and controversies among the authorities. It has become Tel Aviv.

In the continuation of this report, Yoav Gallant, the Minister of War of the Zionist regime, opposed the approval of this law. The ruling coalition in Tel Aviv had submitted this bill to the parliament regarding the continuation of the exemption of the Zionists known as “Haredim” from participating in the army.

Yediot Aharonet added that the opposition of the Minister of War of the Zionist regime to the approval of this law caused the Prime Minister of this regime Benjamin Netanyahu to get angry with him and demand his removal.

This report states: Netanyahu described Gallant as insolent.

At the same time, other military officials of the Zionist regime have warned that with the approval of this law, the army of this regime will face the shortage of forces in the current situation. .


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