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Full text of Leader’s important message to Hajj pilgrims will be published on Saturday

The full text of Imam Khamenei's important message to the Hajj pilgrims will be read by the Guardian Jurist’s Representative, the head of the Iranian pilgrims, during the Renunciation of the Polytheists’ Ceremony in the Arafat desert on Saturday and the text will be published. The following are just three parts of Imam Khamenei's 2024 Hajj Message, the full text will be published on Saturday, June 15, 2024.

1. When one contemplates this magnificent gathering and the complex Hajj rituals, they are a source of reassurance and increase the confidence for the Muslims, while being intimidating and a cause of trepidation for enemies and for ill-wishers.

2. Brothers and sisters, bring your thoughts and actions closer and closer to the truths and luminous teachings of Hajj, and bring back to your homes a reformed identity infused with these lofty concepts. This is the valuable, real souvenir of your Hajj journey.

3. This year’s bara’at [renunciation of the polytheists] must continue beyond the time and place of Hajj to all Muslim countries and cities worldwide. It must continue beyond just the Hajj pilgrims and be extended to the general populace.


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