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Discovery of the spy network belonging to Mossad in Türkiye

The Turkish intelligence agency announced the discovery of a network belonging to the Mossad in this country.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Turkish media announced that the country’s intelligence agency (Meet) has discovered and destroyed a spy network belonging to the Mossad in the past days.

This network of 9 people, 8 of whom were in Istanbul, was destroyed in April. The leader of this network, named “Ahmed Ersin Tumlujali” was conducting military and political espionage in Turkey under the name of an insurance company.

This network was active in Turkey, Germany and Georgia for 9 years.

Tomlujali said: In 2006, we started an insurance company and sent emails to about a thousand factories and companies. One of these companies, which was based in Germany, offered us a research job, which was to find a truck in Turkey. We did it in a short time. This company offered me to work for them in Türkiye. I also accepted and started a research and consulting company.

He added: In 2011, I received an email from a person named “Georg” who asked me to do similar actions in Turkey and because the work It was not so difficult, I did it and the money was also sent to me through a money order. Some time later, this person called me and asked to meet me at a Chinese restaurant in Vienna, Austria. He asked me to track down a person in Germany and paid 11,000 euros for it. I sent the pictures of the person in question to Georg. He sent me 14,000 euros, and I sent 11,000 euros to my friend, who was chasing that person.

Tomlujali continued: After that, I followed a Lebanese person who was coming to Istanbul. . After that, it was the turn of the mission in Georgia, where our target was a couple. We were taking photos of them and after 3 days our mission ended, for which we received 15,000 euros.

During the past two years, several Mossad networks in Turkey have been discovered and destroyed.


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