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Request of 2 thousand universities in Germany for the resignation of the Minister of Science

The support of the German Minister of Science to the Zionist regime brought heavy consequences for him.

to reportMiddle East Monitor, the powerful Zionist lobby in Western countries seeks to suppress any action in condemning the crimes of this regime. Although the political authorities are heavily influenced by this lobby, but with enlightenment among the members of the society, this issue is not without consequences.

On this basis, more than 2,000 academics in Germany signed a letter demanding the resignation of the Minister of Science of this country for trying to sanction professors who support students. They became the supporter of Palestine in their right to freedom of speech and protest.

Bettina Stark Watzinger, the German Minister of Science was severely criticized by the scientific community after publishing a report in the media about the attempt to eliminate funding for the studies of these professors.

This letter states: On the 75th anniversary of the Constitution, the recent actions of the Ministry of Science Vstark makes Watzinger indefensible as minister. Eliminating the personal budget of professors only because of political statements is against the constitution. Teaching and research is free. Such actions show ignorance of the constitution and abuse of power.

Since the end of World War II, Germany has become one of the biggest supporters of the Zionist regime in Europe, so that Berlin now has 30% of the required weapons. =”text-align:justify”>Tel provides Aviv to kill Palestinians in Gaza. In the domestic arena, any criticism of the Zionist regime is equivalent to anti-Semitism and will bring heavy consequences for the individual.


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