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Türkiye, the country that became expensive forever

Now, unlike the routine of 10 years ago, there is no news of cheapness in Turkey anymore, and the time has passed when the European neighbors even went to Turkey to buy food and clothes.
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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, the idea of ​​cheap living costs in Turkey has been around for a long time. Completely broken and now the prices of many essential items of daily life are higher than in several European countries. Now, unlike the routine of 10 years ago, there is no news of cheapness in Turkey anymore, and the time has passed when European neighbors even went to Turkey to buy food and clothes.

Until just one year ago, tens of thousands of citizens Bulgaria, Greece and even citizens from Romania used to go to Turkey to buy food, clothing, accessories and decorative items and buy whatever they wanted at low cost. But the costs of producing goods in Turkey have risen so much that even the tremendous strength of the dollar and euro against the lira still does not provide European tourists with cheap clothes or food. 

Ebrahim Kafi Chi, one of Turkey’s famous economic analysts, in his latest analytical note, investigated why Turkey became an expensive country and what kind of economic situation the people of this country are facing. 

کشور ترکیه ,

What is the main problem of Turkey?
When we talk about Turkey’s economic crisis, everyone wants to talk about it. Start with the familiar and repetitive topic of inflation. But our problem is really not only inflation and only one dimension of this problem should be related to inflation. To put it simply, inflation is something that has a movement wave and logically, it should have a trajectory. It has time to come and go. But we are facing another phenomenon in Türkiye. A phenomenon that tells us: In other countries, inflation subsides after a while and everything reaches a normal and stable state. But this is not the case in Turkey and as we see in news and statistics and information of the media and cyberspace:

Do you remember that until two years ago, tens of thousands of our Greek and Bulgarian neighbors came to the Turkish city of Edirne and some of our other ports and practically turned Turkey into their daily market. and they even bought fruits and vegetables in Turkey and took them with them? What was? Why didn’t they come to Türkiye as before? Those who have euros and the price of euros has increased during this period, so why are they not found?

The answer is simple: the prices of food, clothes, fruits and vegetables and everything else in Turkey have risen so much that shopping here is not affordable for them. Think about it! Even that European citizen with Euro cannot buy from our country, let alone our compatriots! In this simple way and in a short period of time, Turkey has changed from a cheap country to a very expensive country. /Tasnim/Uploaded/Image/1403/03/25/1403032514580658230298384.png”/>

Why is it important to mention the comparison of food, clothing and housing prices in Turkey and Europe? I want to bring up this important inflation issue to tell you that in Turkey, we are in a terrible cycle that shows that the price of nothing is going to go down in this country!

Look! After Corona and Russia’s attack on Ukraine, inflation occurred in many European countries and the price of everything went up. But this was only a temporary period and now the price of all goods has come down. But it is strange that in Turkey, even when the inflation is reduced, we still live in an expensive country and we are getting poorer and needier day by day!

You know that according to the opinion of professional and independent economic analysts Many reports and figures of Turkish National Statistics Center (TÜİK) are not trustworthy. However, even the same optimistic statistics, which were written on the order of the government, with the utmost optimism, show that the prices have increased by 75.4% in just one year! The same number is very terrifying and none of our European neighbors experienced even 25% inflation in any of the food, housing, health and clothing items.

Secondly, we are facing a puzzle. The mystery that tells us that if the dollar rate goes up and import and production costs increase, the goods should also become more expensive. But even in the same 3 months when the currency remained stable in Türkiye, we still had 10% inflation! Yes, while the currency rate increase is zero, the 3-month price increase is 10%. Isn’t that strange? And in the period when the interest rate increased to 50%.

Then let’s ask: What are the other reasons for the price increase in Turkey? Where is the problem? Have the supply and demand equations changed? Yes. In some cases, the demand has increased and a rich and rent-seeking group has emerged, which can increase the prices by hoarding and concentrating goods in a group monopoly! 

In today’s Turkey, income distribution is so distorted that it reveals many signs of the apocalypse to us! Now we live in a Turkey where it has become impossible to get married, have children or start a life.

From the day that the Erdogan-Baghceli political coalition announced its existence as a holy party coalition, year after year we We have experienced a worse economic situation. In the first year of their coalition, i.e. in 2014, we had 400,000 deaths per year against the birth of 1,300,000 children. But now, annual births have reached 950,000 and the death rate is 500,000 people!

In other words, the political association of these two men and their economic measures have caused a decrease in the average annual birth and an increase in the average death. It has been! Unfortunately, this political structure has destroyed technology and science in our country. It seems that production as an economic value is stagnating and intermediation is on the rise. Uploaded/Image/1403/03/25/1403032514573467630298374.jpg”/>

Even cities with a traditional cultural composition have often become single children, and our problems in the field of financial corruption have increased.

We used to rank between 40 and 50 in the list of countries in the world in terms of cleanliness and financial transparency, but now Turkey has fallen to the 115th rank in the global ranking of corruption!

In the situation where in Erdogan’s political coalition, two slogans of Islamism and nationalism are heard, how is it possible that in a period of 10 years, we In the field of corruption, will we get worse and worse and fall behind fifty or sixty countries in the world?! This is why Turkey has become more expensive year by year and our experts and elites are migrating and leaving the country.

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