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Iranian Ambassador: We hope that the pipeline problem with Pakistan will be resolved bilaterally

Iran's ambassador in Islamabad stated that Iran's compensation for the gas pipeline with Pakistan will be determined through the mechanism established in the contract, and expressed hope that this problem will be resolved bilaterally.
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According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency

Reza Amiri Moghadam, Iran’s ambassador in Islamabad, in response to whether Iran is asking for compensation from Pakistan for not implementing the pipeline, stated that the agreement states that any dispute between the parties will be resolved through a designated mechanism.

Iran has previously extended Pakistan’s deadline to complete this pipeline until September 2024, and if Islamabad authorities fail to complete this project by this time, according to the agreement, Pakistan must pay Iran 18 billion pay compensation dollars. > Pakistan signed in 2009-10, but due to implementation problems on the Pakistani side, even though Iran has completed more than 1000 km of pipeline near the Iranian border, this project is still not completed on the Pakistani side.

He added: the deadline of this agreement ends in September and any dispute will be resolved through the mechanism specified in the agreement.

The Iranian ambassador further clarified: the Iranian national company that signed this contract defends the rights of the Iranian people and no president or official can deny these rights to endanger personal interests. Pakistan’s need for energy and export potential make this project vital.

Amiri Moghadam criticized Pakistani governments for not implementing this project. : Iran’s energy source is the cheapest option for Pakistan and people should ask their government why this agreement has not been implemented.

The Pakistani authorities, citing the issue of sanctions for not completing this project, stated: Iran has similar pipeline arrangements with Turkmenistan, Turkey and other countries.

America: We are preventing the realization of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline
After 10 years of delay; Will Pakistan cancel its commitments to complete the Iranian gas pipeline? implement the project from Gwadar to the border of Iran. A delegation from Pakistan, including representatives from the Ministry of Petroleum, will travel to Iran to discuss the implementation of the first phase of this project. I hope this issue can be resolved bilaterally and avoid international arbitration and maintain strong relations between the two nations.

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