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Why did QSD withdraw from holding council elections?

The failure of the SDF to get the approval of the Arab tribes, the lack of cooperation of other Kurdish parties, and Turkish artillery attacks caused the local council elections in these areas to be postponed. America, which had promised to support Qasd, left them alone in front of Ankara.
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according to the Arabic website Tasnim News, The armed Syrian Kurdish militia known as SDF in northeastern Syria sought to hold local council elections in order to legitimize their illegal autonomy in this region, but this decision met with a sharp reaction. Turkey was involved and artillery attacks were carried out on the positions of the Qasd. The message of the said attacks was that Ankara considers these elections as a threat to its national security and adopted a military response to show that it will not allow terrorist groups to hold elections that legitimize their presence in the north and east of Syria.

In response to these attacks, the administrative department of the forces The autonomous region in the east of the Euphrates issued a statement and emphasized: The aim of the current and previous threats and attacks of Turkey is to restore the control of the Ottoman government, control the fate and future of the people of the region and prevent the development of the democratic will of the people.

کردهای سوریه , کشور سوریه , نیروهای قسد , کشور ترکیه , کشور آمریکا ,

in this regard, informed sources to the reporter Tasnim News Agency reported that Turkey’s threats caused the Autonomous Administration of the Syrian Democratic Forces to announce the postponement of the elections for an indefinite period of time due to Washington’s inability to dissuade Ankara from its threats.

At the same time, the efforts of the autonomous administration to resolve disputes in the controlled areas also failed and the national unity conference ended It was not successful due to the differences of the Arab tribes against the Kurdish forces in Deir ez-Zor. A representative of the Syrian Parliament told the reporter of Tasnim in Aleppo: The postponement of these elections showed the unacceptability of the QSD people in the north and east of Syria.

کردهای سوریه , کشور سوریه , نیروهای قسد , کشور ترکیه , کشور آمریکا ,

It is clear that the repeated postponement of elections is due to the inability of the autonomous administration to provide coverage. It has been domestic political (opposition of other Kurdish parties and Arab tribes) and international. Also, America, which presents itself as the most important supporter of the SDF, has not yet been able to impose these elections on Turkey, and this made the conditions for such elections in the north and east of Syria seem inappropriate.

Therefore, it is expected if local council elections are held that legitimize the presence of SDF forces in the north and east of Syria, this The issue will lead to the intensification of Turkey’s military tension against these areas. On the other hand, the silence of the Damascus government is a sign of non-recognition of the actions of the East Euphrates Autonomous Administration. 

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