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The youth can change the course of history

In a meeting with a number of young medalists in national and international student and university Olympiads, Imam Khamenei, Leader of the Islamic Revolution, praised the elite youth as a significant source of “profound and genuine hope.”

During the meeting, held in the Leader’s office on June 15, 2024, Imam Khamenei emphasized, “I have great faith in the youth and their motivation. I consider you as a great asset, worth far more than your medals which are a source of pride.”

Emphasizing the remarkable potential of young elites, Imam Khamenei highlighted their capacity to bring about transformative change, not only within the country but also throughout history, and to establish an entirely favorable environment. “Throughout history, it has been the human factor, not in the sense of politicians and rulers, but rather in the form of intellectual-moral, and spiritual elements, that has propelled Iran to its exemplary glory and grandeur,” he added.

Referring to the approximately 200-year period of British and then American political domination over Iran, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said, “During that period, our culture and scientific progress were decimated, and politically, Iran was kept in a backward state. However, the Revolution, relying on its predominantly young human force, brought that to an end and created leaps forward in various fields.”

While noting that there was a productive scientific movement in the 2000s, Imam Khamenei remarked, “In the current circumstances, a scientific leap is necessary to propel us to the forefront of global science. This feat can be achieved through the efforts of young intellectuals and the preparation of the public environment.”

He described the country’s political independence as a tangible reality and stated, “The Islamic Republic has a well-defined opinion, logic, and has things that are being heard, about important world issues that even people who do not agree with them, count on.”

Imam Khamenei underscored that this political independence should not be compromised and that any new government that comes to office has the responsibility of keeping it. 

During the meeting, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution also highlighted the significance of the strong participation of people in the upcoming presidential elections in Iran, asserting that an increase in voter turnout is of paramount importance.


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