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The increase in green passport requests from Turkish citizens

With the increase in the rejection of tourist visa requests for Turkish citizens in Western countries, various parties in the parliament demanded an increase in the issuance of green passports to facilitate foreign travel.
– International News

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, with the increase in the rejection of tourist visa requests for Turkish citizens, Different parties have wanted to increase the issuance of green passports for different groups in this country. According to this, the request of parliamentarians covers different groups, including: journalists and reporters, teachers, actors. cinema and theater, judges, lawyers, security guards, accountants, pharmacists, municipal consultants and doctors. Currently, there are one million two hundred thousand green passports in Turkey, and another 750 thousand passports are requested to It has been added.

The Ministry of Interior and Foreign Affairs of Turkey are concerned about the asylum of citizens of this country using green passports, and for this reason, they do not have a positive view of the increase in the number of these passports.

Currently, Turkey implements the green passport law with 40 countries.

The green passport is one of the types of passports in Turkey that are used by government business owners and officials of some non-government businesses to carry out foreign missions.

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