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attack to the north; There are two ways of deterrence and fear of Hezbollah’s power

The conflict between the Zionist regime and Lebanon's Hezbollah has reached critical points and is now beyond the imagination of the Zionists, to the point where there is a serious difference between the military and political authorities regarding action against Lebanon, and the fear of Hezbollah has become a worrying issue. .
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Lebanon’s Hezbollah from the day after the operation ” Al-Aqsa Storm” began its support attacks against the Zionist regime in the north of occupied Palestine. A look at the moving process of Hezbollah attacks shows that the Islamic resistance of Lebanon has gradually increased the amount of its attacks in terms of number and quality. In the current situation, the number of attacks by Hezbollah has increased and they are targeting any point with their precision-guided missiles like diamonds. This quantitative and qualitative development of Hezbollah’s attacks has caused the Zionist regime to use the literature of attacking Hezbollah more than in the past.

The current situation of the northern front

The authorities of the Zionist regime during the last three months and since who decided to attack the Rafah region, have always described the attack on Lebanon’s Hezbollah as a definite thing in their literature. Some officials of the Zionist regime have even claimed that the fate of South Lebanon will be the same as that of Gaza, and perhaps even worse.

Late last week, the Zionist regime killed one of the commanders of Hezbollah named “Abu Talib”. assassinated The assassination of Abu Talib caused Hezbollah to fire nearly 300 rockets and drones at the occupied territories in one day. The different feature of this attack was that it was carried out 35 to 40 kilometers deep in occupied Palestine, near Haifa. It was in this attack that the military industry factory “Pulasan” was targeted and its pictures were published by Hezbollah.

disagreement between military and political authorities

After the attack by Hezbollah 35 to 40 kilometers deep in the north occupied Palestine, there was a kind of disagreement between the political and military authorities of the Zionist regime. In the meantime, War Minister Yoav Galant and Prime Minister Netanyahu are against the Israeli army’s attack on Hezbollah in the current situation. Although the reason for this is not clearly stated, it seems that the main reason for this issue is to prevent conflict on two fronts at the same time.

is that they should not enter into a big and comprehensive war on several fronts. Currently, they are involved in an all-out war in the Gaza Strip. But the conflict between the Zionist regime and Hezbollah is considered a conflict. Entering into an all-out war will bring serious and numerous consequences that the political authorities of the Zionist regime avoid. engage in a full-scale war in the north, but they are not currently pursuing this policy. With these conditions, the dispute is intensifying; Because the military authorities are looking for a serious response to Hezbollah in the north to maintain deterrence on the northern borders of the occupied territories.


The contract extension of the hotel of the settlers of the north

Besides all these issues, a number of Zionist media about this issue have revealed that the Zionist government’s cabinet is renewing the contract with the hotels that host displaced settlers from the settlements of the northern borders. These media say that the contract with the hotels will end in 3 weeks and Netanyahu’s cabinet is already looking to extend these contracts until June 2025.

Apart from Whether this one-year extension could mean the continuation of the war in Gaza; This meaning comes from the fact that the Zionist regime has come to the certainty that the occupied North of Palestine will not be ready for the settlements of the settlers of that region until one year from now.

Acknowledging the power of Hezbollah

The most important point that the media of the Zionist regime Hizballah’s power is in the management of war. These media acknowledge that not only the assassination of the commanders of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon has not reduced the power of Hezbollah, but it has actually brought bigger attacks with it. Now, the generals of the Israeli army know that Hezbollah’s attacks are accurate, fast and extensive, and that these operations have reached a depth of 40 kilometers in occupied Palestine and vital and strategic targets such as the Plasan Defense Industries Company. In addition, Hizbollah has a precise control over its targeted operations and can target important targets with the highest precision.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attack on northern Palestine
Hezbollah suicide drones; The Nightmare of the Israeli Army It is supposed that the Zionist regime does not have the ability to confront Hezbollah at the moment. The thumbs up that Hezbollah has shown to them has somehow dissuaded the Zionists from attacking, at least for the time being. The more important thing is that they are now afraid of the consequences of their next actions. The assassination of a Hezbollah commander in the north of the occupied territories both expanded Hezbollah’s attacks and improved the quality of operations. This issue has created the fear that the conflict with Hezbollah at the current stage can make the crisis worse for them.

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