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The cost of the war in Gaza has been heavy

The Minister of War of the Zionist regime acknowledged the heavy costs of the Gaza war for Tel Aviv.

to the report Mehr News Agency, as the war in Gaza continues And the increase in the number of Zionist military casualties in this line, the split among the coalition cabinet of this regime has been clearly revealed and the continuation of the war for Tel Avio created a problem.

Accordingly, Yao Gallant, the Minister of War of the Zionist regime, today referring to the difficult situation The army of this regime in Gaza announced: The war in Gaza is a battle of determination and perseverance.

On his trip to southern Gaza, he visited the place where 8 soldiers of the Zionist regime were killed during the operations of Hamas fighters, and emphasized: Our forces are on the border of the Gaza Strip. Together with the desert patrol battalion, they continue to fight in this barracks and are sent to appropriate missions in each air, sea, and land sector.

Gallant, referring to the bitter blows that the Zionist regime has received from Hamas fighters during more than 8 months of the Gaza war, added: the cost of this war has been heavy for us. but the war with Hamas is a battle of determination and perseverance to defeat the enemy.

Last night was one of the most bitter 24 hours of fighting in Gaza for the Zionists, so that during this period, 11 Zionist soldiers were killed during the operations of the fighters of Hamas and other resistance groups. Palestinians, including Islamic Jihad, have perished. This incident was so painful for the Zionist enemy that the war minister of this regime took him to the place where the Zionist soldiers were killed in southern Gaza.


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