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New operations of Qassam and Saraya al-Quds fighters against the occupiers in Gaza

On the 225th day of the genocidal war against the Gaza Strip, the Qassam and Saraya al-Quds battalions announced in separate statements that the resistance fighters had inflicted fatal blows on the Zionist forces in different parts of the Gaza Strip.

reported by Qassam battalions (the military branch of the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement Hamas) and the Quds battalions (the military branch of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement) announced on Monday night They have carried out new operations against the occupiers in the Gaza Strip.

Palestine Alyoum website reported that the fighters of the Martyr Ezzeddin Qassam military wing of Hamas on the 225th day of the genocidal war against In defense of its residents, the Gaza Strip inflicted painful blows on the Zionist enemy during several important operations.

The Qassam battalions in a statement of three successful operations reported against the occupying army in Gaza on the 225th day of the Al-Aqsa storm battle.

The Martyr Ezzeddin Battalions Qassam announced in a statement that they hit the enemy headquarters with heavy caliber mortar shells in the south of the neighborhood. We crushed Tal Sultan in the city of Rafah.

It is also stated in the statement of Qassam that the mujahideen of Qassam battalions In another operation, two Israeli Merkavai tanks were targeted in the same area with Yasin 105 anti-armor rockets.

This statement added: Qassam fighters defeated the occupying forces in the southeast and southwest of the neighborhood Tal Al-Sultan has been hit by mortar shells.

On the other hand, the Quds Battalions announced in a statement that the fighters of the Quds Battalions destroyed an Israeli tank in the south of Al-Saudi neighborhood in the west of Rafah with the bomb “Alam “>Al-Fedai” exploded.

These battalions targeted the Israeli occupying forces in the Tal Zaurab region in the southwest of Rafah with a mortar attack.

The Quds Brigades also targeted Israeli forces and military equipment around the Karam Abu Salem base in the east of Rafah with “Ababil” bombs.


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