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resolution in deadlock; Why does Hamas not agree to the ceasefire plan?

Ambiguity is the most important word to describe Security Council Resolution 2735, while the American side wants the resistance to accept this plan and its three steps immediately, but no commitment is seen for Tel Aviv.

Mehr News Agency, International Group: Biden’s unveiling of the three-stage ceasefire plan, the approval of Resolution 2735 in the UN Security Council and the increase Speculations about Israel’s possible attack on southern Lebanon was the reason for the eighth visit of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to the Middle East region. Democrats are interested in ending the war in Gaza before the 27th of June and the start of the Summer Olympics in Paris. In this equation, due to Washington’s disregard for some of the legitimate demands of the Palestinian side, the chance of success of this plan has been greatly reduced and the possibility of full acceptance of this plan has been denied to the Palestinian resistance. Some analysts believe that the Americans, by not paying attention to the main demands of Hamas, are trying to so-called “drop the ball in the ground” of the resistance and remove the label of warmongering from the Israeli authorities. The key point is that if the Palestinian resistance accepts a truce that does not pay attention to the demand for an end to the war, it will provide the ground for the Zionists to march to the northern front. In the continuation of this note, we will try to answer the question, why is the Hamas movement not in favor of a ceasefire?

Blinken’s eighth trip to the Middle East and the stalemate at the end of the war

Resolution 2735 of the Security Council; Continuation of Biden’s plan
According to the United Nations, Security Council Resolution 2735 was approved by Russia with 14 votes in favor and 1 abstention. This resolution, inspired by Biden’s three-step plan, emphasizes the strict implementation of the entire end of the war in Gaza. In the first phase of the immediate ceasefire, the release of the civilian hostages and the return of the bodies of the dead prisoners are on the agenda. In the second stage, the complete exchange of prisoners in exchange for the permanent end of the conflicts and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza has been considered. In the third stage, the large and multi-year plan for the reconstruction of Gaza has been taken into consideration.

The positive vote of the Security Council to Resolution 2735

D It is stated in the continuation of this resolution that after the implementation of the first phase, if the negotiations for the implementation of the second phase exceed six As long as the week lasts, the ceasefire will continue automatically. During this time, the Security Council is against any action to mix the population and reduce the territory of Gaza by the Israeli side. Before voting for the approval of this resolution, the American representative in the Security Council announced the initial agreement of the Zionist regime with this plan and asked the Hamas movement to adopt the policy of “escape forward” to immediately accept this plan. This is brought up while after Bret McGurk and William Burns traveled to the region to follow up on Biden’s three-phase plan, the hard-line forces in Netanyahu’s cabinet threatened him that if he agreed to a long-term ceasefire in Gaza in the current situation, they would leave the cabinet. and will provide the ground for the downfall of the government. This scenario has strengthened after the departure of Benny Gantz from the cabinet and then the dissolution of this structure by the Prime Minister himself.

Why does the Hamas movement not accept the American plan?

“Ambiguity” is the most important word to describe Security Council Resolution 2735. While the American side asks the Palestinian resistance to accept this plan and its three steps immediately, no clear explanation has been given about the contents of the negotiations or the commitment of the Israeli side to implement this resolution. Although there is no serious issue in the implementation of the first stage of this resolution; But the problem starts exactly from the time of the second stage. After the complete exchange of Israeli-Palestinian prisoners, the question arises whether the Israeli army will really stop military operations in Gaza? Will the right-wing Israeli cabinet, which demands the resumption of settlements and control of Gaza’s security affairs, give the green light for the withdrawal of the regime’s army? The fact is that the American authorities cannot provide any guarantees to the resistance groups regarding the above cases. The leaders of the Zionist regime have repeatedly sent the message through non-toxic official channels that they will continue fighting until the destruction of the Hamas movement and have no intention of leaving this Palestinian faction.

The Zionist regime does not give any guarantees to end the war or withdraw from Gaza

Another ambiguity of this plan is the lack of a clear answer regarding the political future and the process of rebuilding the Gaza Strip. Undoubtedly, all regional and international actors agree on the necessity of rebuilding this war-torn region, but the point of disagreement begins when Tel Aviv does not give a clear answer to the characteristics of the transitional government or the countries active in this process. According to the repeated comments of the Israeli authorities in this regard, it seems that the Zionist regime intends to take control of the security affairs of Gaza by taking advantage of the war situation and create a buffer zone between Gaza and the occupied territories. In the international dimension, Netanyahu’s cabinet intends to establish a connection between the case of “naturalization” and “reconstruction” to provide a strong presence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the process of reconstruction and administration of civil affairs in Gaza. The realization of this scenario means the weak role of Turkey and Qatar in the political-economic future of Gaza and changing the equations in favor of the self-governing organizations and the conservative bloc. The combination of the above factors requires that the Hamas movement and members of the resistance network do not have a positive opinion about Biden’s plan and demand a clear answer to the above questions and ambiguities. Providing a valid guarantee regarding the end of the war and the withdrawal of the occupying forces from the Gaza Strip is the first step to build trust between the Security Council and the Palestinian Islamic Resistance.

The benefit of speech
Although the cessation of war, the exchange of prisoners, the drawing of eyes The amount of reconstruction and the sending of humanitarian aid are “necessary” conditions for the establishment of a ceasefire in the Gaza strip, but none of the above, such as the provision of a valid guarantee regarding a sustainable ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, and the continuation of Palestinian sovereignty in this region, are “sufficient” conditions for the end. are wars of attrition. The conclusion of Blinken’s fruitless trip for the region is more than a ground for peace, it somehow justifies the continuation of the war in Gaza and indirectly facilitates the new adventure of the Zionist regime in the northern front. The Hamas movement and other resistance groups active in other battle fronts have repeatedly emphasized that with the end of the regime’s military aggression in Gaza, the tensions in the region will subside. Based on this, if Washington is really looking to curb the tensions in the Middle East, it must first dissuade the Israeli leaders from continuing the war and realizing unrealistic goals such as the destruction of the resistance.


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