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What did Hochstein say in the meeting with the Lebanese authorities?

In a meeting with the Lebanese officials, the American envoy called for a ceasefire on the borders of Lebanon and occupied Palestine without mentioning any of the brutal aggressions of the Zionist regime against civilians in southern Lebanon.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, “Amos Hochstein” the American envoy who went to the territories yesterday had traveled to Beirut, today he arrived in Beirut and met with the Lebanese authorities and discussed the tensions on the borders of Lebanon and occupied Palestine. The American president has been accepted by the mediators and Israel for the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, and the Hamas movement must accept it. The cease-fire will end the war and pave the way for diplomatic solutions.

The American envoy said after meeting with “Nabieh Berri”, the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, without mentioning any of the brutal aggressions of the Zionist regime against Lebanese civilians. : The conflict along the Blue Line between Hezbollah and Israel has been going on for a long time, causing the death of civilians, damage to people’s property and the economy of Lebanon, and this country is suffering without any justification.

Hochstein who obviously traveled to the region to save the Zionists in northern occupied Palestine, added: peace in the borders will allow the residents of southern Lebanon and northern Israel (occupied Palestine) to return to their homes. The negotiations that I held today in Beirut and yesterday in Israel (Occupied Palestine) are aimed at preventing the further escalation of tensions and the spread of war. Beirut was carrying a threatening message from Israel, which is even more threatening than previous messages. This message emphasizes the need for negotiations and a ceasefire on the borders, otherwise the escalation of tensions will be inevitable. And in the West, the controversial U.S. envoy Amos Hochstein had to make a sudden trip to the region. Meanwhile, some knowledgeable Lebanese sources warned about Hochstein’s dangerous plan in Beirut. In this context, a diplomatic source in Lebanon, in a conversation with the country’s Al-Naba newspaper, announced: Amos Hochstein, in his new trip to Beirut under the direct guidance of the American government, carries threatening messages for the Lebanese authorities and insists on the situation of the southern Lebanese front. return before the date of October 8, 2023 (that is, the day when Hezbollah entered the Battle of Storm Al-Aqsa to support Gaza). With the aim of pacifying the southern front of Lebanon and saving the occupiers in northern occupied Palestine, Hochstein traveled to Lebanon many times and was trying to stop Hezbollah’s operations; But every time he was met with the rejection of the resistance and the Lebanese authorities. Occupied territories entered Beirut Beirut

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