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Hizballah rockets falling on the Zionists + video

Zionist media reported that at least 40 rockets and several drones were fired from southern Lebanon into the entire Galilee region in northern occupied Palestine and a large fire in this region.

reported by Mehr News Agency, citing Al-Mayadin, the media of the Zionist regime reported about the frantic sounding of alarm bells in the Al-Jalil region in the north of occupied Palestine.

The al-Mayadin reporter reported on a wide wave of rocket attacks from southern Lebanon deep into the occupied Galilee region. The media of the Zionist regime also reported that the sound of the explosions even extended to the occupied area of ​​”Tabrieh”.

These media admitted that at least 40 rockets targeted the “Lower Galilee” region and that Hezbollah has expanded its fire circle even to the central regions of the occupied Galilee.

According to these media reports, dozens of missiles and several drones targeted the occupied Galilee.

Local media reported a massive fire in the occupied region of Al-Jalil after Hezbollah’s massive attacks.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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