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An article written by Orban about NATO; The rooster’s tail is sticking out

The Prime Minister of Hungary believes that NATO has practically turned belligerence into its existential philosophy and abandoned its original nature as a defense alliance.

According to Webangah News quoted by Mehr News Agency quoted by Rashatody, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who is a staunch critic of the Western intervention and support for Ukraine, says that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) practically considers war as its philosophy of existence. has placed.

The Prime Minister of Hungary has repeatedly warned that the tension-inducing actions of NATO, which is a military alliance led by the United States, could eventually lead to a direct confrontation between this alliance and Russia, with disastrous consequences. will bring.

Orban met and talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his trip to Moscow yesterday. In a statement, the office of the Prime Minister of Hungary described and described this trip as a peacekeeping mission. The discussion of the parties in this meeting centered around the possible ways of a peaceful settlement of the war in Ukraine.

The prime minister of Hungary, whose country currently holds the rotating presidency of the Council of Europe, admitted that the positions of Moscow and Kiev are still “far apart”. He added that, however, the most important step, establishing contact, has been taken and pledged to continue these efforts.

Orban also visited Kiev last week and met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and in this meeting he defended an immediate ceasefire and negotiations.

On the day of Orban’s visit to Moscow, an article written by him was published in Newsweek, in which the latest directions with NATO intervention were described; An organization that Budapest has been a member of since 1999.

In this article, Orban talks about Budapest’s dynamic participation in various NATO operations and initiatives over the years, as well as Hungary’s compliance with the alliance’s goal of spending 2% of the defense budget. He emphasized and claimed that at the beginning of Budapest’s accession, NATO was a peaceful project and a “military alliance with a defense philosophy”.

However, according to Orban, today NATO has adopted a philosophy of war instead of peace and has become aggressive instead of defensive.

He recalled that several NATO member countries have recently discussed the possibility of preparing an operation in Ukraine! French President Emmanuel Macron said in late February that the option of sending ground troops to Kiev was on the table, although his comments were immediately met with negative reactions from many countries, including Germany. In the end, Orban stressed that “if NATO does not change the course it has taken, it will commit suicide.”


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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