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Ukraine and Poland signed a security agreement

The President of Ukraine signed a security agreement with Warsaw during his visit to Poland.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk signed a bilateral security agreement on Monday before the NATO Summit in Washington in Warsaw.

The text of the agreement states: In the event that Russia invades Ukraine again after the cessation of the current hostilities, or in the event of the escalation of the current aggression and at the request of each of them, the participants will consult within 24 hours to determine the necessary measures.  

The agreement also emphasizes that Ukraine’s membership in NATO “benefits the strategic conditions” of Kiev and Warsaw.

Tusk told Zelensky after signing the document: “You can always count on us.”

Zelensky called for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council

On Monday, the President of Ukraine asked the United Nations Security Council to hold a meeting after Russia’s massive attack on Ukraine that killed at least 29 people and damaged a children’s hospital in the capital city of Kiev.

Zelensky said at a joint press conference with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Warsaw: “We should all try to hold Russia accountable for terrorism and Putin for ordering the attack.”

In addition, the head of the Ukrainian government emphasized that he wants a “stronger response” from the West after the Russian attacks, adding that Kiev expects its allies to take “concrete steps” regarding the provision of air defense systems to Ukraine.


Translator: Azam Purkand


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