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Revealing details of foiling Ukrainian plot to hijack Russian bomber

Russia's Federal Security Service announced today the disclosure of details of the neutralization of Ukraine's plan to hijack a bomber belonging to this country.

reported Mehr News Agency, citing Sputnik, Moscow announced on Monday that the plan of the Ukrainians to hijack a Russian bomber had been thwarted.

According to the announcement of this media, the Federal Security Service of Russia announced that it foiled the attempt of the Ukrainian special services to hijack the Tupolev Tu-22M3 bomber of the Russian Aerospace Force abroad. has done.

According to al-Arabiya, the Ukrainian intelligence service planned to recruit a Russian military pilot and convince him to use this missile bomber in exchange for a financial reward and granting Italian citizenship. Let it fly and land in Ukraine.

Al-Arabiya added that the involvement of the intelligence services of NATO member countries in the preparation and implementation of this operation has been revealed.

It should be said that the Tu-22M3 strategic bomber is a long-range hypersonic missile launcher designed to destroy sea and land targets with guided missiles and aerial bombs. And it carries nuclear and conventional bombs and missiles.


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