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We are confident that you will support the nation and the Palestinian issue

The head of the Palestinian Hamas political office sent a message to Iran's president-elect, Masoud Al-Badishian, and expressed his confidence that he will definitely support the nation and the Palestinian issue.

reported by Mehr News Agency, the head of the political bureau of the Palestinian Hamas movement, in a message, congratulated Iran’s president-elect, “Massoud Al-Madijian”, on the successful holding of the presidential elections and his election as the new president.

Al-Mayadeen news base reported on Monday night that Ismail Hanieh, the head of the political bureau of the Palestinian Hamas movement, sent a message this Monday. President Masoud congratulated the doctors and wished him success.

Hanieh said in this message: “I congratulate you while the nation and the Palestinian resistance bravely And standing in the storm battle of al-Aqsa is involved in one of the most honorable wars in history”.

The leader of Hamas, referring to the mass and brutal killings of the Palestinian nation by the Zionist regime, stated: We and the Palestinian nation are confident that you will serve Iran and overcome all challenges and difficulties. You will stop.

This Hamas official stated that the doctors will continue on the path of uniting the Islamic Ummah against the enemies, pointing out that the elected president will also remain a supporter of the Palestinian nation.

On Friday, July 15th, Massoud Madhjian was elected as the ninth president of Iran by the people of Iran by winning the majority of votes in the 14th round of Iran’s presidential elections.

According to the announcement of the election headquarters of the country, the total number of votes received in branches inside and outside the country is 30 million 530 thousand and It is 157 votes, based on which the number of votes of Masoud Mezikian was 16 million 384 thousand 403 votes and he was able to win over his rival Saeed Jalili.

So far, many world leaders have sent messages congratulating the victory of doctors in the presidential elections.


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