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How did the soil of Cyprus become the hotbed of the “evil triangle” against the resistance?

Meanwhile, the authorities of Cyprus reject any cooperation with England, America and the Zionist regime against Gaza and the axis of resistance, which show evidence against these claims.

To According to Webangah News quoted by Mehr News Agency, International Group: With the continuation and escalation of the Zionist regime’s crimes in the Gaza Strip As well as the possibility of a full-scale war between this regime and Lebanon, attention has been drawn to countries such as Cyprus that play on Tel Aviv’s ground.

Syed Hassan Nasrallah, during his speech at the memorial ceremony of Haj Abu Talib, one of the prominent commanders of his party, in late June, referring to the cooperation of the Cyprus government with this regime, said: We warn the Cypriot government that if it opens its airports and bases to the Israeli enemy to target Lebanon, it will be part of the war. We will continue our solidarity, support and assistance to Gaza and we are ready for all eventualities and nothing will stop us from doing this task.

The warning of the Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah to Cyprus was immediately noticed and confirmed by the officials of other countries, including Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan. was counted In response to Seyed Nasrallah’s statements, he said that Cyprus has become a base for military and special intelligence operations in Gaza, and European mercenaries have turned this island into a logistics base to cover their military goals.

From the denial of Nicosia leaders to the truth

The leaders of Nicosia immediately backed down after these warnings, and the President of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulides, announced that this island country in the eastern Mediterranean will not engage in any military operations in The region or elsewhere is not involved. The president of Cyprus claimed that his country is part of the solution, not part of the problem, and Nicosia’s role in the humanitarian corridor for Gaza has been recognized by the Arab world and the international community. He also answered a question about whether there is still a communication channel with Hezbollah or the Lebanese government. He stated: Without a doubt, there is a communication channel with the Lebanese government and the Iranian government. Communication channels are through the diplomatic route.

چگونه خاک قبرس به جولانگاه «مثلث شرارت» علیه مقاومت تبدیل شد؟‌

The Ambassador of Cyprus in Beirut, Maria Hadjitou Dussio, immediately entered the pit and in a meeting with Elias Bousab, the Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, asked for his cooperation to resolve the doubt. He expressed his appreciation for the relationship between Lebanon and Cyprus and the end of this crisis, and stressed that his country will not allow the use of this country’s territory for aggression against any other country, especially Lebanon.

These denials are repeated by the authorities and from various platforms, and from the eyes of the observers, Cyprus bases have always become a place for spying on West Asian countries. This country has traditionally allowed the Zionist regime to use its airspace for air exercises, although it has never done so during an active conflict.

In addition to the cooperation of Cyprus with the Zionist regime, England has a military base in Cyprus which it uses to carry out military operations in the region. It is said that England uses these bases to attack Yemen’s Ansarullah, and these bases have also been used to arm the Zionist regime in the war against Gaza and southern Lebanon.

Besides England, America also seeks profit from the territory of Cyprus to continue its aggression in the region. According to Al Jazeera, since the 1980s, American and British forces have used military bases in Cyprus as a deployment center to carry out extensive operations in the countries of the region, including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen.

چگونه خاک قبرس به جولانگاه «مثلث شرارت» علیه مقاومت تبدیل شد؟‌

Disclosure of new documents of Cyprus’ cooperation with the occupiers against Gaza

In December of last year, while about three months had passed since the start of the criminal attack of the Zionist regime on the Gaza Strip, the “declassifieduk” website published new information about the cooperation of Cyprus with the aggressors. disclosed, including that Britain has secretly increased its military in its bases in South Cyprus.

چگونه خاک قبرس به جولانگاه «مثلث شرارت» علیه مقاومت تبدیل شد؟‌

According to this website, after the beginning of the bombing of Gaza by the Zionist regime, Britain sent at least 500 more military forces to a base in Cyprus, about 200 miles from Tel Aviv. Earlier, London admitted sending 1,000 troops to the eastern Mediterranean to support the Zionist regime, but did not provide details about the location of these forces.

According to this report, “James Hippie”, who is working as the Minister of the British Armed Forces, in a letter addressed to a member of parliament of his country, sent about 500 approved the military to Cyprus.

The report that announced that Britain has 2 military bases in Cyprus, which are considered British territory; “Dakilia” in the east and “Akrotiri” in the south. These two British bases have been on this island since Cyprus became independent and was part of the British Empire. These two British air force bases are now autonomous and the Cyprus government has no control over them. The Royal Air Force in Akrotiri is used as a center for bombing in West Asia by the British.

چگونه خاک قبرس به جولانگاه «مثلث شرارت» علیه مقاومت تبدیل شد؟‌

Of course, it should be noted that Cyprus, as a member of the European Union, has several other military air bases, of which the “Andreas Papandreou” air base in Paphos is the base The air force of this country and the “Lakatamia” base in Nicosia are also among them.

Hippy’s letter also states that more troops have been sent to Egypt, the Zionist regime and Lebanon, but citing security and operational reasons, the numbers have been refused.

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The latest deployment will increase the number of British troops stationed in Cyprus to 2,717 and a further 273 civil servants, the report added. Another 129 US troops are stationed at British bases in Cyprus, but it is not clear whether this number has increased in recent months.


Dakilia and Akrotiri military bases in Cyprus, in addition to several decades of espionage from West Asian countries, in various American and British attacks on Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen have played a role.

At the same time, during the last 9 months in the aftermath of the Al-Aqsa storm, the American and British forces supported Tel Aviv’s encroachments on the Gaza Strip and by using the mentioned two bases from the attacks of the Zionist regime. They support in Gaza and provide weapons and spy information to this regime.

It came to a point that not long ago, in the midst of the tension between Iran and the Zionist regime, the English newspaper “Guardian” claimed that Cyprus had allowed the Zionist regime to enter the airspace. use himself to carry out simulation exercises of Iran’s attack on the occupied territories. Also, the media of the Zionist regime reported that this regime held the “Blue Sun” maneuver in Cyprus in May 2023, which was a simulation of an attack deep in Lebanon.

In such an environment, Seyed Nasrallah’s warning to the leaders of Cyprus seemed necessary and contained the message that any attempt by the Zionist regime to expand the scope of the war and attack Lebanon would have dire consequences. Tel Aviv will have over all Western allies, especially regional allies like Cyprus. In addition, the declaration of neutrality of Cyprus was considered as a strategic victory for Hezbollah; An issue that strengthened Hezbollah’s deterrence and helped various actors to refrain from supporting the regime’s possible military action against Lebanon.


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