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Netanyahu’s agreement to evacuate the dreaded “Sadi Timan” prison

The Zionist media announced that the prime minister of this regime agreed to evacuate the Sedi Timan prison after the war crimes were exposed.

The Zionist newspaper Yediot Aharonot wrote that despite the objections of Itamar Ben Goyer, the Minister of Internal Security of the Zionist regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of this regime, by evacuating the Sadi Timan prison, which was built after the October war in the center of Beersheba, located in the Negev desert. After the decision of the Supreme Court on the necessity of its evacuation, he agreed.

According to the Shahab Telegram channel, the Supreme Court of the Zionist regime demanded the evacuation of the prison following the statements of some witnesses regarding the crimes committed inside Sedi Timan Prison.

According to the official Palestinian statistics, since the start of the attack on the Gaza Strip in October, the Zionist regime has captured about 5,000 Palestinians, whose fate or the conditions of their detention are unknown. Despite the uncertainty of the condition of the prisoners, Haaretz newspaper quoted Rony Bailey, one of the lawyers of the Zionist regime, as writing that the conditions of detention of prisoners in Sedi Timan prison are similar to war crimes.

In this regard, “Walid Anwar al-Khalili”, one of the Palestinians who was recently released from the terrible prisons of the Zionist regime, in a speech exposed the crimes committed by the Zionists against the Palestinian prisoners. This free Palestinian said in his words: When I was arrested, more than 20 Israeli soldiers took turns beating me. The army soldiers of the occupying regime martyred the people who were injured and were with me.

It should be mentioned that several reports were published about the torture of Palestinian prisoners by the Zionist military in the prisons of the Zionist regime, especially in Sedi Timan Detention Center.

Reporter: Mina Azimi


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