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We will not follow the policy of military support for Ukraine at the NATO meeting

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary considered the solution to the end of the war in Ukraine to be a negotiation and said that he would not support a plan to further arm Ukraine.

Peter Sziarto, the Hungarian Foreign Minister, regarding the meeting of NATO leaders in Washington and the possible positions of the countries regarding the war in Ukraine, said that in this meeting, the members of the alliance plan to discuss the beginning of a mission to provide more military support to Kiev, but Hungary will be against it. 

According to TASS news agency, the Foreign Minister of Hungary emphasized that he considers participation in the NATO meeting as a continuation of his peace mission, which includes the previous visits of the Prime Minister of this country to Kiev and Moscow. He emphasized that the war situation in Ukraine is getting worse and the solution to this problem is not to continue it. Siarto continued: “If NATO plans to assign a mission to Ukraine, we will remain on the sidelines.” We will not send weapons or troops to Ukraine, and we will not participate in the financing of this mission.” 

He warned about the increase in arms shipments to Kiev and the “serious risk of escalation” and said: “There is only one way to prevent destruction, and that is a ceasefire and dialogue.” 

The meeting of NATO leaders, which is scheduled to be held from July 9 to 11, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of its establishment, will focus more on Ukraine than any other issue. The starting time of this meeting will be at 12:30 on Wednesday morning, Tehran time, and a senior official of the Biden administration has said that the officials will present a “bridge for Ukraine’s membership” in the coalition. 

Hungary, which opposes Ukraine’s membership in both the European Union and the NATO alliance, has tried in recent weeks to prepare the ground for peace talks between the two sides by visiting Ukraine and Russia and meeting with the presidents of the two countries. .

Translator: Zahra Najafi


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