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Why Russia abstained from Malta’s resolution on Gaza?

The permanent representative of Russia in the United Nations, in last night’s meeting of the Security Council, blamed the United States for the continuous obstruction in reaching an agreement on a balanced resolution that includes principled, real and sustainable measures to reduce the tension in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. .
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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency quoting “Tass” news agency, last night, Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council approved the resolution proposed by Malta on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, focusing on the protection of children in the Gaza Strip. 12 countries voted in favor of this resolution. Since the amendment proposed by Russia as an addendum to the resolution was rejected by the Security Council, Russia, as well as the United States and England, abstained from voting on this document.

Amendment proposed by Russia It called for an immediate ceasefire and peace between Israel and Palestine.

The text of the resolution emphasizes “the need to respect international law, including international humanitarian law.” . Also, with special attention to the protection of children, it mentions the necessity of providing security for the civilian population living in the Gaza Strip. In addition, this document calls for the creation of corridors and humanitarian stops in the Gaza Strip “for a few days sufficient for the purpose of full, rapid, safe and unhindered access in accordance with international humanitarian law” for various international organizations as well as for UN representatives to The region refers.

This resolution also emphasizes the “rapid evacuation of sick or injured children and their caregivers” and also contains a clause on “search and rescue operations, from The sentence is “missing children, damaged buildings destroyed”. However, the text of the resolution does not contain any condemnation of the actions of either side of the conflict, whether the attack 7 October is not the Palestinian group Hamas, which the US insists on, or Israel’s extensive attacks on the Gaza Strip.

On the same Wednesday, it was reported that the UN Security Council approved Russia’s amendment in Malta has not accepted the draft resolution that called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. Blamed about Gaza

Vasiliy Nebenzia, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, announced after last night’s meeting of the Security Council, which was dedicated to reviewing the situation in the Middle East. The United States has consistently thwarted any efforts to agree on a balanced document with real steps to de-escalate the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

He said: From the very beginning of the current escalation of tensions in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone, the American delegation made every effort to draft a balanced and non-political document with the aim of taking real and immediate measures. to reduce tension in the region.

The permanent representative of Russia emphasized that the American colleagues in the Security Council, who are behind the slogans of fighting terrorism and Israel’s right to Concealed self-defense, they essentially justified the mass extermination of Palestinians, including the civilian population and a large number of innocent children, paralyzing the United Nations’ primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security.

In addition, Nebenzia noted that Russia is very concerned that the provisions of the resolution proposed by Malta on the Middle East approved by the Security Council will not be implemented by the conflicting parties and the situation in the region remain serious. This Russian diplomat said: We have the most serious concern that the provisions of the resolution will not be implemented in practice by the parties to the conflict. At the same time, he emphasized that Russia’s main priority remains The approval of a full-fledged document by the UN Security Council with an explicit request for an immediate and lasting ceasefire. The Russian side expects that work on such a document will begin soon.

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