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Applying border controls in Germany on the occasion of Euro 24 matches

About a week before the start of the European Football Championship, from today (Friday), temporary controls will be applied at all German borders to prevent possible dangers.

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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, quoted by the weekly newspaper “Spiegel”, about a The week before the start of the European Football Championship, starting this Friday, temporary controls will be carried out at all German borders.

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior announced that these controls also include the crossings of Denmark, France and the Benelux countries, which are still closed. They are not affected. In addition, travelers from the Schengen area are also screened in air transport and ports. Based on the decisions taken, these controls are done flexibly depending on the situation.

European football championship from June 14th (25 June) means for another week in Munich with the opening game of Germany and It starts in Scotland and ends in Berlin on July 14. Temporary control at the borders of Germany is possible until July 19 (July 29). All passengers are requested to carry valid travel documents.

The German government has announced that the purpose of these checks is to identify and stop violent criminals early. “Nancy Pfizer”, the Federal Minister of the Interior of Germany, said in this statement: “Our focus varies from the threat of terror to his description of radical Islam, hooligans and cyber attacks.

Fixed controls on the borders of Poland, Republic of The Czech Republic and Switzerland were recently extended for six months until mid-December. Pfizer first ordered the controls in October 2023 and has renewed them several times since then. The purpose of this action is to fight against smugglers and limit illegal immigration. Controls have been in place at the German-Austrian border since the fall of 2015.

The German interior minister recently said that the security situation is “tense.” However, there is no concrete evidence of planned attacks due to the European Championship. In addition to German officers, around 580 foreign police forces will also be deployed during the tournament, particularly for site patrols and rail transport. According to the ministry, this is part of intensive cooperation with the security authorities of participating, neighboring and possibly transit countries. The International Police Cooperation Center (IPCC) in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is the heart of this national and international cooperation.

Recently, on the eve of the European Football Championship, the German Minister of the Interior has instructed the security institutions to prevent terrorist threats. prepared to evaluate and announced the presence of police forces. According to information from security agencies, extremist terrorists are trying to create unrest in Germany on the eve of the European Football Championship. Security sources recently said that the calls for terrorist violence issued by the ISPK are “part of an ongoing propaganda campaign aimed at creating unrest and inciting individual perpetrators.” The European Football Championship and the Olympic Games, which are held in Germany and France, announced the strengthening of anti-terrorism cooperation with Paris.

In this way, Germany and France want their cooperation in the fight against terrorism according to The upcoming major sporting events in both countries will strengthen. Nancy Pfizer has said in this regard: The security of the European football championship is our main priority in Germany. The head of the German Federal Police Union has also considered the security of the European football championship this summer to be a big challenge for his forces. And he announced the lack of personnel, especially in providing border security. For possible post-war crisis

Germany investigates deportation of Afghan refugees does

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