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Taliban’s reaction to “Sigar” report: We do not interfere in the aid distribution process

The Ministry of Economy of the Taliban government rejected the report of the American organization “Sigar” and emphasized that the Afghan ruling body does not interfere in the process of distributing aid.

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According to the regional office report of Tasnim News Agency

, the Ministry of Economy of the Taliban government, in response to the report of “John Sepko” of the US Inspector General for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan (SIGAR) about the involvement of the Taliban in the distribution of aid sent to Afghanistan, strongly rejected it.

Taliban’s statement states: “This type of report is unproductive in the situation that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has put the approach of interaction and trust building with the international community on the agenda of its foreign policy and economic diplomacy. And the explanation is upside down and a deviation from the objective developments in Afghanistan”. The statement added: “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has always tried to cooperate with international and Aid institutions should cooperate honestly and transparently. All the efforts of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are aimed at transparently distributing aid to the deserving people”. , has stated: “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan never follows an interventionist approach to the aid distribution process and puts pressure on international institutions, but tries to provide more facilities for international institutions and relief institutions in the aid distribution process”.

Previously, in a report to the Foreign Relations Committee of the US House of Representatives, Sepko said that the Taliban blackmailed foreign projects and determined who would receive aid.

He also claimed that the Taliban pressured the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations so that the members of this group and employ their relatives in the distribution of aid.

America: Washington’s aid is not available to the Taliban government
Afghanistan: We cooperate with aid agencies, but do not interfere

According to Sepko, the Taliban have assigned their agents within the relief organizations to monitor the activities of these organizations, facilitate the intervention and divert the aid to the areas and people who want to change the direction, and finally, the reports about Censor this topic.

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