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Russia: Relations between Moscow and Washington may be severed at any moment

Emphasizing that the relations between Moscow and Washington are in danger of being cut off at any moment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia announced that the American bet on containing China and Russia is the main cause of this crisis.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia announced in a statement on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the re-establishment of relations between Moscow and Washington: “The relations between Russia and the United States are on a tightrope.” “Washington is to blame.” This ministry considered Washington’s desire to contain Moscow and Beijing globally as the main root of “the most severe crisis in Russian-American relations”.

According to the “Tass” news agency, Moscow announced: due to the widespread policy of Russophobia, those [relations] are in danger of being cut off at any moment. It is not Russia’s choice, but reckless actions by the United States that turn the wheels of escalation, including the doctrine of imposing a strategic defeat on Moscow, risk catastrophic consequences.

According to Russia, “American political circles are hopelessly and stupidly focused on regime change and fomenting internal divisions in Russia; A project for which huge amounts of money are invested.”

“Dmitry Peskov”, the spokesman of the Russian Presidential Palace, on Sunday, November 14, stating that the country’s relations with the United States have reached zero, said that Russia and the United States have a special responsibility for They have global and strategic stability, and in every possible way, the dialogue should be resumed over time. The side is possible, but some conditions must be improved.

According to “Sputnik” news agency, Peskov also said that America is responsible for the current state of relations between the two countries, and the US president should change his position to a more constructive one and warn Dodd: Russia reacts sharply to the American intervention in its internal affairs.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, America, along with its allies, has tried to inflict a strategic defeat on Moscow and isolate it by providing extensive aid, including weapons, to Kiev; An issue that has brought the already limited relations between the two countries close to the zero level due to differences, and Russia has repeatedly warned about the participation of Western countries in the war against this country.

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