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Islamic Jihad: Tel Aviv’s lie about al-Shafa hospital was exposed

In an interview with Fars, the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement in Tehran stated that the attack of the Israeli soldiers on al-Shifa hospital in Gaza revealed the falseness of their claim regarding the existence of a tunnel and the resistance’s use of this hospital as a military headquarters.

According to the International Economy Group of Fars News Agency, yesterday evening (Wednesday, November 24), “Nasser Abu Sharif”, the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Tehran, while attending Fars News Agency and after meeting with the managers of the news agency, He explained the latest situation of the war in Gaza and the developments in the region.

In a part of his detailed interview with Fars reporter, he responded to the claims about the existence of tunnels used by the resistance forces under Al-Shifa Hospital. .

Yesterday, Wednesday, November 15, the Zionist army stormed into al-Shifa hospital and searched various departments of this hospital, including emergency room, surgery, heart department and general department of the hospital. Kurdish, the Israeli army then interrogated a number of doctors and Palestinian refugees sheltered in this hospital.

Israeli army radio, after this attack, admitted that there was no sign of the presence of The prisoners who were captured by Hamas during the Al-Aqsa storm operation are not in Al-Shifa hospital.

* The equipment in the basement of Al-Shifa Hospital are all related to hospital necessities

In this regard, Abu Sharif told Fars: Zionists entered al-Shifa hospital, if they wanted to be honest, they saw and should have admitted the truth. The lies related to The hospital was completely lit up. According to him, the health management in the Gaza Strip has announced for several days that it is ready to send an impartial committee to monitor all the hospitals in Gaza. It is a good way for them to understand that armed people never use hospitals and that “everything that is under the ground of Al-Shifa Hospital is related to the necessities of the hospital”; It was even found out that some of the channels in Al-Shifa Hospital are for supplying the necessary air for air conditioning, and some of the fuel storages and other things are related to the hospital; It is important that all these were for civilian use and healthcare and not for military use. Media headquarters and shelters were used under intense bombardment, he said: Journalists and official spokespersons of the Palestinian Authority used it to record and present their statements because of its security, although there was electricity in the hospital.

According to the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement in Tehran, there was no evidence of military presence and the presence of Palestinian Mujahideen in this hospital, and many satellite images have proven that there was no sound of gunfire from inside or near the hospital. It has not come out, we can prove this in different ways, and the Palestinian government and the officials of the Ministry of Health can challenge the Zionist regime in this way, so they (impartial fact-finding committee) must come, see and search.

He stated that many doctors of the hospital have also denied Israel’s claims, and said: A Norwegian doctor who has been working at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza for 16 years has testified that during his work in this The hospital has not witnessed any armed presence (resistance forces).

Abu Sharif emphasized: Therefore, all the claims of the Zionist regime are invalid, it is easy for Israel to create fake news, for example put weapons on the floor and hang some maps on the wall of one of the rooms and accuse the resistance of using the hospital.

* The resistance will never use hospitals for military missions

The representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement in Tehran emphasized: We say this definitely, no weapons It does not exist in hospitals and hospitals are never used for military missions.

According to Abu Sharif, the warehouses of Al-Shifa Hospital are used for civilian purposes and for the hospital itself, the basements of Al-Shifa Hospital are radiation therapy and radiation centers. It is medical and parts of it are administrative and never for military use.

The details of this detailed conversation will be published in the next day or two.

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