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Hamas: The fact-finding committee should investigate Tel Aviv’s claim regarding Gaza hospitals

In response to Tel Aviv’s claim regarding the resistance’s use of medical centers in the Gaza war, Hamas representative in Iran, Khaled al-Qadoumi, demanded the formation of an impartial international fact-finding committee to investigate this claim.

According to the report of the international economy group of Fars news agency, yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, November 24), “Khalid al-Qadoumi”, the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Tehran, while attending the Fars news agency and after meeting with The managers of the news agency explained the latest situation of the war in Gaza and the developments in the region.

In a part of his detailed interview with the Fars reporter, he addressed Israel’s claims about the use of Gaza hospitals by the resistance forces as military headquarters, replied.

Khalid al-Qadoumi stated: The reality of the Zionist regime is based on two main factors, the first factor is lies, claims and slander and the production of false and fake narratives that have no historical or geographical origin, as they claim that the land of Palestine was a land without a nation. And the Palestinian nation is a nation without a land, and the likes of such false claims and the second factor of the Zionists is the factor of killing and massacre”. happened at the hands of the Zionist regime, he said: “According to the statements of Menachem Begin, the first prime minister of the Zionist regime from the Likud party and the butcher of Deir Yassin, if Deir Yassin had not happened, it would have been impossible to imagine the existence of Israel.”

The representative of Hamas in Iran added: “Menachem Begin was the person who was wanted in London because of the same killing of Diriasin, and a huge reward was put in pounds for his arrest, and he had to change his face.” So that it will not be known.” Al-Qadoumi continued: “Actually, in the Diriasin disaster and the massacre that Israel committed, 600 villages were removed from the map of Palestine; The Zionist regime is such a regime, and even today, Avi Dichter, the Minister of Agriculture of the Zionist regime, says in the media of this regime that they want a new Nakbat, the Nakbat of 2023, to occur. ».

* Americans are the main driver of the Zionist regime in killing and destruction

He said: “These murderous criminals (the Zionist regime) tell lies every minute and then deny their lies themselves (referring to Netanyahu’s objection to Avi Dichter’s speech about the Gaza tragedy) so that the people understand their words. Listen, they have no one to listen to their words or confirm them except the American government. In fact, America is the cause of the establishment of the Zionist regime and its support, and it has been able to protect this regime until now, and these Americans are the main driver of the Zionist regime. They are being killed and destroyed.

* Hospitals in Gaza are only for providing humanitarian services to the patients and noble people of Gaza.

Representative of Hamas in Tehran, referring to the Zionist attack on al-Shifa Hospital, said: “We in the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) have already applied and now Your tribune, we request that an impartial committee be formed by an international neutral third party that is agreed upon by all parties and that this committee investigates the nonsense and lies of the criminal Zionist regime.

* America gives the green light to the Israeli war machine to kill

Al-Qadoumi said: the official spokesmen of the American government Even US President Joe Biden himself, instead of using diplomatic literature and talking about international laws and laws and even addressing the Palestinian nation, in his speech always uses the same literature and terminology as the Zionists. In fact, they give a green light to the war machine of the Zionist regime to kill our nation.

* In Gaza hospitals only equipment Medicine is available and nothing else

He continued: “Everything that the spokesman of the Israeli army, this murderous criminal army and the regime that will be destroyed by the permission of God , says, it is pure lies and everything they have made and paid is a lie; As Dr. Mohammad Zaqout, the head of the General Administration of Gaza Hospitals, emphasized that what the Zionist regime calls as evidence of military presence in the hospital, is equipment related to the laboratory and radiation and radiation therapy department; Israel has even shown the publications related to the table of special herbal combinations for doctors as military documents of our Mujahideen in the hospital.” According to the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Tehran, indeed Everything that the Israeli army has presented as military documents from hospitals is a complete lie and is a media propaganda to raise the morale of the soldiers of this regime, who have become very weak due to their direct military defeat by the Palestinian resistance fighters.

The description of this detailed conversation will be published soon by Fars news agency.

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