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Patrushev: The dangers of Ukraine’s depleted uranium ammunition are increasing

The secretary of Russia’s National Security Council warned on Thursday about the growing dangers of munitions containing depleted uranium supplied to Ukraine by the West.

According to the report of Fars International News Agency, the Secretary of the National Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Patrushev, warned today (Thursday) about the increasing dangers of ammunition containing depleted uranium provided to Ukraine by the West.

Patroshev said during a security meeting in the Central Federal District: “Radiation safety threats associated with the use of depleted uranium projectiles by the Ukrainian military have increased significantly.”

This Russian security official stated: “Our warnings were ignored. As a result of the destruction of weapons depots containing depleted uranium bullets given to Ukraine by the Anglo-Saxons, for several months, Europeans recorded an increase in radiation in their countries.”

According to this report, Patrushev He stated that last week the Radiation Risk Committee in Europe pointed out the increase in the amount of uranium particles in the air in the southeast of England as a result of the movement of air masses from the west of Ukraine.

According to Sputnik, he He further added: “This clearly shows that the political elites of the Western countries, who provide weapons to the Ukrainian regime, are not at all concerned about the safety and health of their population.” Another of his speeches warned that US biological military activities around the world may lead to the spread of new diseases and epidemics.

Patroshev also said that the possibility of Ukraine resorting to biological weapons for sabotage against Russia , is increasing.

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