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The report of a magazine close to the Pakistani army about the possibility of military operations in Afghanistan

A publication close to the Pakistani army reported that the country is considering the option of military operations in Afghanistan to deal with TTP.

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According to the regional office report of Tasnim News Agency

, Express Tribune wrote in a report that Pakistani officials believe that despite tensions with Afghanistan, Islamabad can solve the issue of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

According to this report, the relevant official, whose name has not been disclosed, in response to a question about Pakistan’s possible options to deal with the “sheltering of the Afghan Taliban to the TTP”, stated: We have the ability to deal with this problem. .

The report adds that this official did not disclose the possible options in detail, but continued to emphasize that even the Taliban government “knows our capability”. .

This publication close to Pakistan’s military added: The official’s reference to the capability indicates that Pakistan may be considering possible cross-border attacks. In March last year, Pakistan also carried out limited cross-border raids targeting TTP sanctuaries, but the military never publicly confirmed the raids.

So far, the Pakistani government or the Taliban government have not reacted to this news.

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The government of Pakistan has always accused the Afghan Taliban of sheltering the TTP in Afghanistan and claims that incitement The Pakistani Taliban plans its attacks from Afghanistan.

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