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Israel’s new reasoning after failing to provide evidence about al-Shifa hospital

The Zionist regime has turned to a new argument after failing to provide the necessary documentation to verify its claim regarding Hamas’ use of Al-Shifa Hospital as a command and control base.

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, in a situation where the Zionist regime has been criticized for not providing evidence and documentation in support of its claims that Hamas uses Al-Shifa hospital as a command and control headquarters in Gaza. This regime resorted to a new excuse this Thursday.

A few hours ago, the Zionist army claimed in a statement that Hamas hid the evidence related to the use of al-Shifa Hospital as a command and control headquarters.

On Wednesday morning, in the midst of international criticism, Israeli soldiers entered this hospital and interrogated the medical staff and patients.

A spokesman for the Israeli army told the Guardian on Thursday: “It is important to emphasize that since the moment when the Israeli army exposed the use of hospitals as headquarters for terrorist activities a few weeks ago, Hamas has constantly It has been trying to hide its infrastructure in order to destroy the evidence.”

Hamas and the medical staff in the said hospital have repeatedly rejected the claims of the Zionist regime about the military use of this hospital. The Guardian quoted a British doctor who works at this hospital as saying that Israel’s claim is a “strange excuse”.

The only alleged document that the Zionists have so far put forward in support of their claim is a film that a regime soldier released yesterday and was ridiculed by many users in cyberspace. In that film, the Israeli soldier mentions a laptop, several CDs, a military boot and several Kalashnikov weapons as evidence of the presence of Hamas in the hospital.

Many western media and international institutions have done that the Israeli regime has not been able to prove its claim in this regard.

After the release of this video, Human Rights Watch stated in a statement that the images published by the Israelis are not enough to justify the attack on this hospital.

The head of Human Rights Watch said in an interview with Reuters: “Hospitals have benefited from special immunities under the humanitarian laws of the United Nations.”

He added: “Doctors, nurses, ambulances and Other members of the medical staff were allowed to do their work and the patients should also be protected.” It can be shown that they were used to perform dangerous actions outside of their duties. Israel has not provided any evidence to support this issue.”

The Guardian newspaper wrote that the attack on Shefa Hospital was one of the key targets of Israel because this hospital is located in an area of ​​Gaza City where many Government buildings are located there.

The Guardian, written by Israel, believes that if it proves its claim, it could reduce the public anger in the world over the high civilian casualties in the Gaza war.

The spokesperson of the Israeli army told the Guardian: “Our soldiers are searching one building at a time. They search every floor while hundreds of patients and medical staff are inside the building.”

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society announced moments ago that Israeli tanks attacked another hospital in The Gaza Strip (Al-Ahli Hospital) has been surrounded.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said in a statement published online that there is currently a “violent attack” in this hospital in Gaza City. in processing. This group has announced that their teams are not able to move and reach the wounded people. Palestine and nearly two decades of siege of Gaza and imprisonment and torture of thousands of Palestinians started the operation known as “Al-Aqsa storm”. This operation was one of the deadliest attacks against this regime. Hamas fighters penetrated into the occupied territories at several points of the border fences, attacked villages and besides killing a large number of Israelis, captured a number of them.

Zionist regime In response to this operation, it launched heavy attacks against Gaza and placed this area under complete siege. The attacks of the Zionist regime have led to the martyrdom of more than 11,500 thousand people.

Mohammed Abu Salmiya, the head of Al-Shifa Hospital, today Thursday described the situation of Al-Shifa Hospital as catastrophic and said: the people in the hospital are screaming from thirst.

Abusalmiya pointed out that the Zionist soldiers are still shooting at the hospital and emphasized: No one can go from one building to another. Our communication with our colleagues has been cut off.

He stated that Israeli drones are constantly flying over the hospital, and clarified that: Zionist soldiers are patrolling the wards and found several bodies. They took it with them. We have buried about 80 bodies in the hospital courtyard.

This Palestinian official pointed out: The oxygen in the hospital is completely exhausted. The Israeli stories about the arrival of weapons in the hospital are pure lies. Not a single bullet was fired at Israeli forces from inside the hospital. So where are the armed people [affiliated to the resistance]?

Despite this, America has once again supported the claims of the Zionist regime in this regard.

White House spokesman John Kirby said in response to reporters’ questions about this issue: “We have our own information that convinces us that Hamas uses Shefa Hospital as a control and command center and possibly He claimed: “They took shelter inside the hospital and used it as a shield against military action, and by doing this, patients and They put the treatment staff at risk. We still trust the accuracy of this information.”



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