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Amir Abdullahian’s warning to his French counterpart about expanding the scope of the war in the region

Regarding his meeting with his French counterpart in Geneva, the foreign minister said: “We warned that if the situation in Gaza continues, every possibility, including further expansion of the scope of the war, is envisaged.”

According to the report of Fars news agency’s correspondent to Geneva, Hossein Amirabdollahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who traveled to Geneva as part of the consultations on the situation in the mountain, told reporters about this trip: “During the meetings in Geneva, there will be important discussions.” We all agree that the tragedies of this period in Gaza are in conflict with international law. War crimes and genocide in Gaza are unforgivable.
He added: We agreed that these crimes against civilians in Gaza and the West Bank should be stopped and the Rafah border should be reopened and massive humanitarian aid should enter Gaza and the West Bank. The forced migration of Palestinians to Jordan and Egypt was noticed.
The foreign minister stated: Our request to the international authorities of the United Nations and the Red Cross and humanitarian organizations was that they should come out of the passive mode and their basic and serious measures He said: We had frank and clear and important talks with the French Foreign Minister and we made it clear that you cannot talk only about the actions of Hamas alongside America, and we said that Hamas is a Palestinian movement in our opinion. Liberation is against occupation. Of course, we have always condemned the killing of women and children everywhere in the world, but the silence of America and some Western countries regarding the killing of children and women in Palestine is unbearable. He and I agreed that the scope of the war should not be expanded.

The foreign minister said: We have warned that if the situation in Gaza continues, any possibility is envisaged, including further expansion of the scope of the war.

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