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The 42nd day of “Al-Aqsa storm” | Bombing of Nusirat camp with 18 martyrs / Anti-Zionist operation in Hebron / Al-Aqsa storm destroyed Netanyahu’s party

The early morning bombing of the Gaza Strip, a large-scale attack on areas in the West Bank, the announcement of Centcom’s visit to the northern borders of occupied Palestine, and Hamas’s criticism of the positions and statements of American officials are among the most important developments of the morning in occupied Palestine.

– International news – Tasnim News Agency, the fighters of the Israeli regime simultaneously attacked areas in the West Bank such as Jenin and Hebron, on the 43rd day of The al-Aqsa storm operation bombarded areas in the Gaza Strip, including the al-Nusirat camp in the center of this area, as a result of which a number of people were martyred and a number of others were injured. Follow the 42nd Al-Aqsa storm operation below:

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13:44- Israeli analyst: “Netanyahu” is a dead man who walks on two legs

Yossi Perets, political analyst of Haaretz magazine, wrote: American officials believe that Netanyahu is like a dead man who walks on only his two legs.

13:37- News Unofficial news of the martyrdom of “Ahmed Bahr” the Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Assembly

Some local Palestinian sources announced the martyrdom of Dr. Ahmad Bahr, the Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Assembly in Gaza, and of the leaders of the Hamas movement in the bombing of the Gaza Strip by the Zionist regime.

طوفان الاقصی , نوار غزه , رژیم صهیونیستی (اسرائیل) ,

This news has not yet been confirmed by official sources and the Hamas movement.

13:36- Netanyahu’s visit to a Zionist medical center was cancelled

Zionist newspaper Yediot Aharonot announced while Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was supposed to visit the wounded Zionists in one of the medical centers in the occupied territories today. This program was canceled without prior notice due to the possibility of clashes and protests by the families of these people against Netanyahu.

13:18- Detention of the medical staff of “Avicenna Hospital”

The Palestinian Red Crescent announced this Friday, At dawn today, the staff of Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin, located in the West Bank, were arrested after a search and transferred to an unknown location. 13:16 – Rocket attacks Resistance to the Zionist settlement of “Nirim”

Al-Qassam Brigades, the military branch of the Hamas movement, announced that the city of “Nirim” in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip was targeted by rocket and mortar attacks.

12:51- Amir Abdullahian’s warning to America about the continuation of crimes in Gaza and the West Bank

Amir Abdullahian in an interview with the Financial Times:
During the past 40 years, messages between Iran and America have been exchanged through the Swiss Embassy in Tehran as the protector of America’s interests. In the region, if the crimes against the people of Gaza and the West Bank do not stop, every possibility can be considered and wider conflicts may become inevitable. /strong>

11:53- Anti-Zionist operation in Hebron/ the operator of the operation was martyred

News sources report that the sound of widespread shooting was heard in the city of Hebron, located in the West Bank of the Jordan River.

Israeli media say that a Palestinian shot at elements of the Israeli army near the city of Hebron.

Palestinian local sources report a large-scale exchange of fire in Ras al-Jurah area in Hebron city.

Some media report shooting at a Palestinian car in Tarqumiya area. They announced at one of the entrances of Hebron.

Channel 12 of the Zionist regime reported that the operator of the shooting operation in Hebron was martyred by the Israeli police.

11:40 – Claim The Israeli army has found the body of an Israeli captive woman. The Israeli army has claimed that it has found the body of a female Israeli prisoner who was announced by the Al-Qassam Battalion in the attacks of this regime on Gaza a few days ago.

11:28- Transfer of cancer patients from Gaza Hospital to Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdogan The President of Turkey visited the cancer patients who were transferred from Gaza to Ankara for treatment at Bilkent Hospital. Turkish Health Minister Fakhreddin Koca and Professor Arjan Yeni, the head of Bilkent Hospital, were by Erdogan’s side during the visit. /p>

11:17- Drone attack on the American base in northern Iraq

The Islamic resistance of Iraq officially released a statement about the drone attack on It took over the base of the American occupation in Harir located in the north of Iraq.

10:58- The Zionist regime kidnapped 1750 Palestinians in the West Bank.

The Zionist army announced that since the beginning of the Gaza war on October 7, it has arrested more than 1,750 wanted people in the West Bank, among whom 1,050 were active members of the Hamas movement.

10:48- The house of the Secretary General of the Palestine Ahrar Movement in Gaza was bombed by the Zionist regime this morning, the house of “Khalid Abu Hilal”, the Secretary General of the Palestine Ahrar Movement, in the neighborhood Al-Sheikh bombed Rizwan and razed it to the ground.


Some local Palestinian sources reported that he and his son were martyred in this bombing, but the official sources still do not know the news of his martyrdom. They have not confirmed.

10:32- Al-Quds: We targeted three military vehicles of the Zionists

Al-Quds Battalions, the military wing of the movement Islamic Jihad announced that the fighters of this battalion targeted three Zionist military vehicles in the West of Gaza with their mortar attack. 10:30 – New regime attack The Zionist attack on areas in southern Lebanon. The official Lebanese news agency announced the attack by the Zionist regime on areas in southern Lebanon. He bombarded Ulama al-Sha’ab.

طوفان الاقصی , نوار غزه , رژیم صهیونیستی (اسرائیل) ,

10:09- 426 Shia and Sunni scholars of Bahrain request to cancel normal

426 Bahraini Shia and Sunni scholars signed a petition protesting the crimes of the Israeli military in Gaza and demanded the cancellation of the agreement to normalize relations between Bahrain and the Zionist regime.

The Zionist regime, with the mediation of the former US government headed by “Donald Trump”, signed an agreement to normalize relations with the UAE and Bahrain in September 2020. Also, this regime signed a normalization agreement with Morocco and Sudan until the end of 2020.

9:46 – According to a new poll, Netanyahu’s Likud party lost the majority of Knesset seats. According to the survey of the Hebrew language newspaper Ma’ariv, the parties in the government coalition will lose the majority of seats and will win only 42 seats.

طوفان الاقصی , نوار غزه , رژیم صهیونیستی (اسرائیل) ,

If the elections are held, the Likud party will face a decrease in votes and, led by Netanyahu, will win 17 seats, while Benny Gantz’s party will emerge with more power and 42 will win the seat.

According to this poll, the parties in the opposition faction will win 78 seats out of the total of 120 Knesset seats.

50 percent of Israelis consider Gantz to be the right choice for prime minister, and only 29 percent consider Netanyahu suitable for this position.

9:23 – Sirens sounding in cities around Gaza

The warning sirens were activated in the Zionist settlements around the Gaza Strip.

The internal front of the Zionist regime also confirmed the sounding of the warning sirens in the settlements around the Gaza Strip.

9:09- 18 Palestinians were martyred in the bombing of Al-Nusirat camp. 18 Palestinians, including children and women, were martyred in Nusirat, the center of the Gaza Strip, where dozens of refugees had taken refuge.

8:50- 3 Martyrs in the Israeli drone attack on Jenin

In the Israeli drone attack on the Jenin camp three A Palestinian, including “Baha Lalouh”, one of the commanders of the Jenin Battalion, was martyred and 9 others were injured.

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*****Most important News The morning of the 42nd day of the Gaza war****

Sentcom from the occupied Palestinian border with Lebanon visits

?Axios news-analytical website wrote that the command of the US Army Headquarters (CENTCOM) will visit the occupied Palestinian border with Lebanon next week.


The attack of the Zionist army on the Jenin camp

?Palestinian media announced the massive attack of the Israeli regime army on the city and the camp of Jenin and at the same time The Zionist attack has cut off the electricity in this city.

Photos published from the Jenin camp show that the Palestinian fighting forces rose up against the Zionist attack and a fierce conflict took place between them.

?Palestinian media simultaneously report the occurrence of several explosions in this camp, and it is said that several roadside bombs exploded in the path of Israeli army bulldozers and vehicles. To Jenin Camp




Palestinian media reported that two Palestinians were wounded in this attack, one of them They were hit in the chest area and another in the head area.

Bombing of a house in Gaza’s Nusirat camp

?Regime fighters Israel bombed a house in the Nusirat camp located in the center of the Gaza Strip, as a result of which it is said that many people were martyred or injured.

Hamas: America, a false narrative Do not repeat it

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said in response to the American government’s claim of using medical centers and hospitals as the headquarters and gathering of the Palestinian resistance forces: America is a false narrative.

It should be said that the Israeli regime army claimed during the past days that Hamas has established its command headquarters under the buildings of Al-Shifa hospital complex, located in the west of Gaza City. The Zionist attack on Wednesday morning to this The hospital, the inspection, the interrogations and the search of all parts of the hospital to find a reason for this claim were useless and Tel Aviv was disgraced.

Islamic resistance in Lebanon released a video of its missile attack on the positions of the Israeli regime army on the border of Lebanon with occupied Palestine and said that this attack resulted in a direct hit and during which the Zionist enemy suffered casualties.

9:9- Martyrdom of 18 Palestinians in the bombing of the Nusirat camp

in the bombing of a residential house by the Zionist regime in 18 Palestinians, including children and women, were martyred in Al-Nusirat camp in the center of the Gaza Strip, where dozens of refugees had taken refuge.

8:50- 3 martyrs in the attack of the Zionist regime drone on Jenin

In the attack of the Zionist regime drone on the camp of Jenin three A Palestinian, including “Baha Lalouh”, one of the commanders of the Jenin Battalion, was martyred and 9 others were injured.

The 41st day of “Al-Aqsa Storm”| The Security Council agrees to a “humanitarian pause” in Gaza/CNN: There is no evidence of the existence of a tunnel in Al-Shifa Hospital

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