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The first confession of a crocus hall attacker; The reaction of the Russians to the West’s revelation of the role of ISIS

Simultaneously with the release of images of the confession of a perpetrator of the terrorist incident in Moscow's Crocus City Hall, a diplomatic official and a Russian media activist reacted to this issue as well as the West's revelation of the role of ISIS in this operation.

On Saturday, the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, referring to the arrest of a number of perpetrators of the terrorist incident in Moscow’s Crocus Hall near the Ukrainian border, said on his Telegram channel: “For decades, Ukraine has been the center of the spread of terrorism in Europe at the hands of Western liberal regimes.” has become.

Maria Zakharova added: Now we know in which country these terrorists were planning to hide from punishment and torture.

The spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, referring implicitly to the report of the western news agency Reuters about the responsibility of the Crocus Hall operation by the Daesh terrorist group, continued: the main thing is that the American authorities do not forget how their intelligence and political environment can protect the terrorists in Krokos City Hall shot people and linked it to ISIS terrorist group.

Washington’s reaction raises questions, Zakharova said, where they announced that Ukraine and Ukrainians were not involved in the terrorist attack in Crocus. On what basis do Washington officials conclude that someone is involved in a tragedy?

In response to the statements of American officials about the transfer of information related to the terrorist attack to Russia, he said: If the United States had reliable information about the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall, it should have immediately transferred it to the Russian side.

Earlier, Adrien Watson, spokesman for the National Security Council of the White House, said: “Apparently, the United States received information about the preparation of a terrorist attack in Moscow, possibly in crowded places, in early March and shared it with the Russian has shared.

A source in the Russian intelligence services said in response to this news: These services received information from the United States of America about the preparation of a terrorist attack, but this information was of a general nature and no specifics were mentioned in it. /p>

Russian media activist: detailed knowledge of the role of ISIS indicates the participation of the West in the terrorist attack

The editor-in-chief of Russia Segodnya media group and Russian Arti TV channel also wrote on his Telegram channel: The West already knew that the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Crocus are similar to the supporters of the ISIS terrorist group; Therefore, they started informing about the role of ISIS.

Margarita Simonyan added: Western intelligence services once again knew who the perpetrators of this incident were before arresting the terrorists. This (means) direct participation (in this terrorist operation).

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The first confession of a terrorist

According to the published interrogation video, one of the operatives of the terrorist group admits that he entered Russia from Turkey on March 16, 1402.

He also said that he was offered half a million rubles to kill people, and he did it in exchange for money.

The shooting and fire before the performance of the concert at Crocus Town Hall in Krasnogorsk near Moscow on the evening of Friday 3rd of April 1403 made news. The fire in this place was contained on Friday morning, but the debris removal operation in this hall is still ongoing. According to the latest report of the Russian Investigative Committee in this incident, 115 people died due to bullet injuries and poisoning caused by the fire, and the possibility of this increase There are statistics.

According to this report, the terrorists used flammable materials to set fire to the concert hall. Before that, 115 people were injured in this terrorist attack, and medical sources reported that 46 people were in serious condition and 16 injured in this incident were in serious condition.

According to the announcement of the Federal Security Service of Russia, 11 people have been arrested so far, including the four terrorists who attacked the Crocus City Hall in Moscow. In the meantime, the vehicle carrying the terrorists was stopped 100 kilometers from the border of Ukraine while in contact with the related party in that country. According to additional information, four terrorists were arrested in this operation and are being transferred to Moscow.

Source: IRNA

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