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Doctors Without Borders: The conditions in al-Aqsa hospital in Gaza are nightmarish

The bloody attack of the Zionist regime on densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip sent a large flood of injured people to hospitals.

to the report Mehr News Agency, Organization of Doctors Without Borders Gaza’s hospitals, especially Al-Aqsa and Nasser Hospitals, reported the tragedy due to the bloody attack of the Zionist regime on Al-Nusirat camp.

Accordingly, in the statement published by this international body it is stated: Our relief teams, together with the medical staff in Nasser and Al-Aqsa hospitals, are treating a large flood of injured people who were injured during today’s terrible bombardment by the Zionist regime army. Many of these injured are women and children.

Samuel Johan, coordinator of Doctors Without Borders in the Gaza Strip in this Bareh told the media: the conditions in al-Aqsa hospital are a nightmare like. Due to the bombardment of densely populated areas in Gaza by the Zionist regime, heavy casualties have been caused to civilians.

He pointed to the lack of sufficient equipment in Gaza hospitals due to the siege of this strip by the Zionist regime, and pointed out: the number of referrals exceeds the capacity of the medical staff to provide Services to the injured, especially when there is a lack of necessary facilities in the hospital.

Johan continues with sharp criticism of Western countries for their silence against the crimes of the Zionist regime. In the genocide of the Palestinians, he added: How many men, women, and children should be killed in this war so that world leaders decide to end this massacre?

Local sources announced today that at least 210 civilians were martyred during the operation of the Zionist regime in Al-Nusirat And more than 400 people were injured.


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