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North Korea has announced the details of its new hypersonic missile test

Pyongyang confirmed early Wednesday that it test-fired a new solid-fueled intermediate-range hypersonic missile under the supervision of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The firing took place on Tuesday, according to AFP, and video footage released shows Kim Jong-un alongside a number of North Korean soldiers during the launch of a new missile.

North Korea’s Central News Agency announced in a report that the Hwasongfu-16B missile is a new medium-range ballistic missile with solid fuel, and Kim supervised its launch.

The leader of North Korea called the launch of this missile “an important military achievement” and added that Pyongyang has produced “another powerful and strategic offensive weapon” and is aiming to achieve missiles “with solid fuel and different ranges and with The ability to carry a nuclear warhead has been reached.

The South Korean army announced that this missile flew about 600 kilometers and then landed in the waters between South Korea and Japan.

But North Korea’s Central News Agency reported that the missile traveled about 1,000 kilometers and “did not have a negative impact on the security of its neighbors.”

The test came two weeks after Kim Jong-un oversaw the testing of a solid-fuel engine for intermediate-range hypersonic missiles. Hypersonic missiles are faster and more difficult to intercept.

Source: IRNA

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