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Is Netanyahu “mentally ill”?

Netanyahu's brutal actions have caused many to raise doubts about his and his family's mental health.

Mehr News, International Group: Since the beginning of the forgery of the Zionist regime in the heart of the Islamic world in 1948, West Asia and the world have witnessed the brutal actions of this regime in killing the oppressed Palestinians. The insanity of the leaders of the Zionist regime has been proven to all free-thinking people for more than seventy years, but to prove it scientifically and intellectually, it was necessary for the developments after the Al-Aqsa storm operation to reach a stage where the whole world would accept it with their flesh, skin, and bones. to touch.

With the start of Al-Aqsa storm operation on October 7, a new phenomenon has been added to the brutality and barbarism of this regime, and that is dementia, insanity, and insanity in the leadership and staff. The ruler is Israel. Since October 7, Benjamin Netanyahu, nicknamed “Bibi”, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, has taken actions that are referred to as “madness” in the international tradition.

Netanyahu’s brutal actions have caused many to raise doubts about his and his family’s mental health. One of the most important accusations was made by the former prime minister of the Zionist regime, Ehud Olmert, who described Netanyahu and his family as mentally ill. Of course, earlier and in the distant past, Sara Netanyahu’s wife had repeatedly taken actions that questioned her mental health; Attacking the maid and breaking her head, personally using the desk of the prime minister’s office, not vacating the prime minister’s office after Netanyahu’s defeat in the elections and other unusual and illegal actions caused the media to write articles about Sara Netanyahu’s mental problems many times. But this was the first time that a former official publicly and extensively accused the Prime Minister.

Mad Prime Minister

Ehud Olmert said in a conversation with Gadi Suknik, reporter of “Democrat TV” website on April 12, 2021: What cannot be repaired is the mental illness of the prime minister, his wife, and his son. The only way to revive Israel is for them to see a psychiatrist. These statements of Olmert were raised in the court that was held for Olmert. In this court, the word “psychiatry” has been used 63 times, the word “illness” 12 times, the word “mental illness” five times, and the word “madness” twice (out of a total of 82 times).

Olmert told the judge in the court: If you want to make sure the truth of my claim about this family, put these three (Netanyahu, his wife and child) under psychiatric tests. put it.

In response to the judge’s question about the reason for using this description for Netanyahu’s family, the former prime minister of the Zionist regime said: I I followed their speech and actions, listened to many recorded conversations of this family, and even consulted with a number of experts and people close to them, and they also gave me a description of the behaviors of this family, behaviors that can be unnatural and even be considered insane.

Olmert is not the only one who deals with psychological problems of father, son and husband. Knesset Representative Ofer Kassif is another official who describes the Prime Minister as a mental patient. Stating that we expect the International Court of Justice to stop the war in Gaza, Kassif added: I don’t think that Israel has done what it should have done to fulfill the demands of the International Court of Justice, because Netanyahu is mentally ill.

How the judge covered up Netanyahu’s mental state put?

The chief judge of the court was trying to force Olmert to withdraw his statements from the beginning of the proceedings. In this court, Olmert is even threatened by the judge; But he was not ready to back down from his statements and insisted that these were “not opinions; Rather, it is the determination of a clinical fact.”

Olmert’s defense lawyer also announced that he has medical documents indicating their mental disorders; But the judge did not allow it to be presented to the court. At the end, the judge once again asked both sides of the lawsuit to resolve the issue between themselves; But Olmert emphasized that he is confident that Netanyahu’s family has received psychiatric treatment, and therefore, as mental patients, they have no right to sue him.

Olmert also demanded the declassification of the medical records of Netanyahu, his wife and child so that everyone would know about his mental health. become But this case was closed by the chief judge of the court under the pretext that it could affect Israel’s national security.

But what do the documents say?

In a part of the confidential documents, information about the legal case of Netanyahu and his family was presented. In one of these confidential documents concerning 74-year-old Benjamin Netanyahu, his wife and child, it is stated that they suffer from a mental illness that has relapsed after several treatment sessions.

According to this document, a member of the Yesh Atid party led by Yair Lapid, by presenting the medical files of Netanyahu and his wife to the court and filing an official complaint, found Netanyahu to be unqualified to He has introduced holding government jobs.

The alleged medical documents were confirmed in the Zionist court and thus the examination of the competence of the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime became serious, when suddenly the higher judicial authority ordered to stop it. Of course, in these disclosed documents, many other cases were obtained, all of which were removed from the agenda of the investigation by influence, bribery, and threats.

Waiting for the release of captives by a madman

While Israeli citizens are seeking the release of prisoners held by Hamas and are putting pressure on Netanyahu in this regard; But he does not care about the wishes of the citizens. He believes that the goal of destroying Hamas should not be the sacrifice of returning prisoners to Israel.

Haarets newspaper, referring to these developments, writes: People with narcissistic personality disorder expect that everyone around them will praise them and say nothing but good about them. People with this disorder do not take the slightest criticism and see it as a threat to their existence; Therefore, instead of examining negative comments, narcissists prefer to attack their critics, belittle them, and interpret their criticisms in terms of ulterior motives.

Haaretz writes after this introduction: (these patients) can be prime ministers; Like Benjamin Netanyahu, who never admits that he has committed a wrongdoing and instead prefers to attack journalists and researchers whose job it is to expose these wrongdoings.

Ben Kaspit, the writer of the Hebrew-language newspaper Ma’ariv, described the approach of the Israeli prime minister as “delusional”, “crazy” and “terrible” and wrote: “This man made us all It puts at risk: our future, and our children’s, the future of the strategic alliance that is the cornerstone of Israel’s national security.

Haaretz wrote in a note about Netanyahu’s latest controversial trial and his insistence that he and his wife are not psychotic. By the way, Netanyahu is very wise, and there are masses of Israelis who have lost their minds! Accordingly, media analysts in Israel believe that if the citizens expect Netanyahu to go to the end of the war to bring back the prisoners, we should change the example of “madness” and say that it is the Israelis who are mad, because no madman will end the insane war and The destroyer who puts his political destiny on the path of destruction does not agree.

However, Netanyahu has not published his annual health report from 2016 to 2023. Amid ongoing rumors surrounding the prime minister’s health, a group of October 7 survivors, medical professionals, scientists and a member of the Knesset have asked the Supreme Court to compel Netanyahu to release a health report that replaces him in his illness. be introduced

The petition, which was sent on March 3, states that the Prime Minister is among the protocols that require him to have years of health. to publish his physical and mental health, he has not followed.


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